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Eat almonds daily to treat facial wrinkles

In ancient days, the Romans used to shower powdered almonds on newly-wedding couples to promote fertility, while the Swedish couples had a tradition to mix almonds in rice pudding, as it was a symbol of good fortune for the newly married couples.

Almonds are rich source of fatty acids and anti-oxidants as currently revealed in a study on women of growing age, especially the menopausal ones at the University of California. Their facial wrinkles improved considerably with good physical out-fit in a short period.

Almonds are also good source of age-reversal treatment which saves us from expensive facial creams and solutions. In fact, almonds significantly modulate the body fats with anti-age benefits.

Almonds deliver a massive amount of nutrients, heart-healthy poly-unsaturated fatty acids, helping in lowering the bad cholesterol (low-density), and raising good cholesterol of (high density), thereby decreasing the risk of heart disease. They also contain Vitamin-E, Manganese, Copper, Riboflavin, Phosphorus and Calcium.

Since almonds are high in anti-oxidants they protect our body from oxidative damage and reverse the aging process, helping control of disorders like Diabetes and high Blood Pressure.

Since almond and nuts are low in carbohydrates, high in protein and fiber, they increase the feeling of stomach fullness, thereby reducing the appetite for foods resulting in lesser calories from food intake and helping in controlling the body weight.

A handful of almonds give us about 6 grams of protein, 3.5 grams of fibre, 75 mg of calcium, 13 grams of unsaturated fatty acids with benefit of omega-3, a heart-healthy fat, delivering approximately 78 calories of energy in addition to reducing low density cholesterol (LDL) and raising high density (HDL) cholesterol, thereby decreasing the risk of heart diseases. Since almonds are high in antioxidants it protect our body from oxidative damage of aging disorders.




All Souls’ Day

All Souls’ Day, also known as the ‘Commemoration of all the faithful departed’ and the ‘Day of the dead/deceased’, is a day of prayer and remembrance for the faithful departed, which is observed by Roman Catholics and other Christian denominations annually on 2 November.

Through prayer, intercessions, almsgivings and visits to cemeteries, Catholics commemorate the poor souls in purgatory and gain them indulgences. Beliefs and practices associated with All Souls’ Day vary widely among various Christian denominations. Catholics visit the cemetery and decorate the graves of their loved ones. Special Masses are celebrated in cemeteries and in churches on that day for the souls departed. Catholics on this day remember and pray for the souls of people, especially members of their family who have died and who are in Purgatory – the place in which those who have died atone for their sins before being granted the vision of God in heaven.

The thought behind this is that when a soul leaves the body of the dead person, it is not entirely cleansed from venial sins. But through the power of prayer, the people on earth can help these souls gain the heavenly vision they seek. At each one’s home, a special rosary is recited to remember and pray for the souls of their family members, friends, etc.


Mumbai, India

Connsolidation of national integrity

Education plays a crucial role in the formation of unity in the diverse multiethnic province of Balochistan. As far as the topic is concerned, educational institutions can strengthen national integrity when the government, NGOs and Workshop activists of different organizations exclusively cooperate with students. The cooperation should not be limited to seminars and study circles only.

The responsibility of the government and NGOs is very crucial. The youth and the new generation of Balochistan feels a sense of marginalization and disenfranchised. However, the government is not able to resolve the matters of students. In a state of deprivation, students cannot play their due role in the best way. The daily sit-ins and demonstrations routinely can be observed in Balochistan on social media by students of Balochistan related to their fundamental rights.

Here the responsibility of the government is to provide advanced education and a better lifestyle. Pakistan is a federal state and a multi-ethnic diverse country. Therefore, this is the role of the state to give importance to the mother language and history of each ethnic group in the country. If the government cooperates and accepts the students’ fundamental rights, they will progress in their fields, proving to be instrumental for Pakistan in general and Balochistan in particular.

Balochistan requires special attention in the cementing of national integrity. As the saying goes “peace is only based on equality, equality and equality”. National integration and peace

in Balochistan, thus, need equality. Against this backdrop, the implementation of the 18th Amendment is a prerequisite in cementing national integration. It is not an exaggeration to say that Balochistan is the nervous system of Pakistan. A weak nervous system will cause further destruction to Pakistan.




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