DG ISI and DG ISPR exposed Imran’s post-ouster narrative | BY Kanwar M Dilshad


DG ISI and DG ISPR exposed Imran’s post-ouster narrative

FOR the first time after 1978, in the country’s history, the Director General ISI, the spy master of the country’s premier intelligence agency, addressed the public at a Press conference along with the DG ISPR, saying he was forced to make an appearance and set the record straight because his institution was being relentlessly attacked.

Lt General Nadeem Anjum, who otherwise prefers working away from the media, expressed at length his indignation at those slandering the defence forces.

“When lies are being spoken so easily, fluently and without inhibition from one side that there is a danger of chaos and upheaval in the country, the truth cannot remain unspoken for too long” DG ISI said about his decision to speak out.

The two Generals dismantled the PTI’s post-ouster narrative “Calling someone a traitor, or Mir Jaffar or Mir Sadiq without proof cannot be condemned enough” the DG ISI remarked.

It is an allegation that is 100 percent based on lies. No punches were pulled as the DG ISI dismissed the cablegate controversy and condemned the PTI for targeting the army leadership. “They are not traitors. T

hey did nothing unconditional or illegal. The allegation of treachery was levelled only because they refused to do something unconstitutional and illegal. The DG ISI revealed that the army chief was offered an unlimited extension in March in return for thwarting the vote of no-confidence.

The offer was made in front of him. “If you think your army chief is a traitor then why would you do that? The DG ISI also confirmed that two meetings had been held since then, with President Arif Alvi acting as mediator, and that in both meetings, Imran Khan had been told that whatever he desired would have to be sought through the Constitution and the law.

It is likely that Imran Khan pushed the army to pressure the government to call early elections in those meetings.

The fact that the DG ISI himself had to address a press conference to counter the PTI “narrative suggests that attempts at backdoor negotiations have been all but exhausted.

Attempts to negotiate a compromise between the PTI and the government, silence to Imran Khan or make him back off appears for now to have failed. The Establishment has, in strategic terms, now climbed the escalation ladder.

The DG ISPR said in the press conference that internal instability is currently the biggest threat to the country. This appears to be a warning for the PTI not to consider taking any measures that may disrupt the status quo through its long march.

On the other side, Imran Khan began long march with guns aimed at DG ISI by casting gathering that the ISI chief for claiming his organisation was apolitical and neutral.

It’s astonishing that Imran Khan warned Lt General Nadeem Anjum that he also held many secrets, but is staying mum in the interest of the country and state institutions.

I’m principle ex premier Imran Khan and knows the constitutional obligation as per Article 91 sub section 5 as he before entering upon the office, made before the President oath set out in the Third Schedule, and while taking oath he has to state that “And that I will not directly or indirectly communicate or reveal to any person any matter which shall be brought under my consideration or shall become known to me as prime minister, except as may be required for the due discharge of my duties as Prime Minister.

So in the light of this constitutional oath Imran Khan is not in a position to out the secrets, if he takes risk it will be negation of Article 91.5 and if he violates the Article 91 and Oath, he can be charged as per Secret Act.

The PTI long march was being perceived, at least till 27 October, as another battle of wits between the PTI and coalition government.

Imran Khan’s sudden disappearance from the long march, soon after the sunset and Asad Umar announcing that Imran Khan has left for Lahore to attend a very important meeting, left the media and the participants speculating.

On the other hand, accusing the PTI of threatening a law and order situation in the name of a peaceful march, Interior Minister brought forth an audio recording where Ali Ameen Gandapur could be purportedly heard asking an unidentified person about weapons and men for the march.

The Interior Minister is of the view that new audio is a proof of bloodshed plan. The Prime Minister has constituted a high profile committee to review, assess and deal with the situation arising out of long march. The 13-member committee would be headed by the Interior Minister.

The committee has been formed to ensure the long march will be peaceful, law and order maintained and hold talks, adding if anyone wanted to hold talks with the government, they could talk to the committee members.

—The writer is former Secretary Election Commission of Pakistan and currently Chairman National Democratic Foundation.


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