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Contradiction & confusion

The Islamabad High Court has rejected Imran Khan’s request to suspend the Election Commission of Pakistan’s order instantly in the Toshakhana reference. However, IHC Chief Justice clarified that PTI Chairman Imran Khan can indeed contest elections. Imran stands disqualified only limited to his current seat in the National Assembly, from which he had already resigned. The PTI seems confused on many issues. But one thing it has been constant has been its instantaneous recourse to the courts regarding every decision that it doesn’t like.

From the interpretation of Article 63-A to challenging the NAB amendment laws, the PTI has been in a challenge-everything-in-court mode soon after its government deposed through a democratic practice, the vote of no-confidence. Instead of remaining in parliament and challenging the new government in the House, the PTI has till now focused on street agitation, using various pressure tactics, asking for intervention and going from court to court to challenge whatever verdict or judgement or law it disagrees with. Now another tactic “Long March” is being adopted to gain its political interests.

It was because of the PTI’s presidential reference seeking interpretation of Article 63A that a constitutional matter became so murky and confusing that some legal experts cautioned it near-changed the constitution with regard to dissident members of a party. On one side PTI’ members of parliament tendered their resignations ,while on other side its leader contested by elections, which reveals a contradictory and confused politics of Imran Khan and PTI.



Illegal sanctions

The 25 October 2022 is Zimbabwe Anti Sanctions Day. Zimbabwe, Southern African Development Community (SADC), African Union and friends of Zimbabwe world-wide, will be calling for removal of what they so call illegal sanctions on Zimbabwe imposed by the Western Powers, European Union and United State of America and their allies. As much as I agree that these sanctions must be removed and that they contribute to the suffering of people of Zimbabwe, Mnangagwa and his ZANU PF government must go as they are causing the suffering of Zimbabwean citizens as well.

Bad governance from President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa and his ZANU PF government contribute a lot to the suffering of poor Zimbabweans. The rule of law is applied selectively, and the judiciary is not independent for it is highly politicized. The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC), Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP), Prisons and Army are all politicized by ZANU PF government. There is no respect of human rights in Zimbabwe. The natural resources like precious minerals are smuggled out of the country by Mnangagwa and his ZANU PF friends, and the citizens are not benefitting anything.

There is no food security and no stable currency in Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe can only be better without Mnangagwa and ZANU PF as well as the lifting of sanctions against Zimbabwe. SADC countries should call for both the removal of sanctions and president Mnangagwa as these two elements have created many undocumented and illegal migrants in all neighbouring countries particularly South Africa because these Zimbabweans have found their home country uninhabitable.



Mental health awareness

PAKISTAN is a thriving society with a diverse culture and a variety of amazing people with rich histories and aesthetic personas. This rich and colourful society also has its share of dark shades, gloomy days and tragic moments. Political instability, climate situation, economic frailty, lack of educational well-being, scarcity of health facilities, paucity of health care providers and many such socio-economic arm-twisting and intimidating scenarios, puts a lot of stress and adds to our anxieties.

In a population of more than 200 million, more than 80% of people facing some kind of mental disorder are unable to get even the slightest treatment and care. Mental health facilities and centres are few and far in between, with about 500 or so psychiatrists. The extremely poor mental health indicators and even poorer systems to provide solutions create a huge treatment gap.

A lot of times mental health issues and problems go unnoticed and hence uncured, especially because of the stigma attached to them. Our society has not yet accepted that this illness is to be treated and managed in the same way any other serious illness.

35% of the population of Pakistan lives below the poverty line. We need to stand together and understand the need of our surroundings and offer help, starting from raising awareness and directing our philanthropic efforts towards the needful. It is immensely significant to stress the need for mental health awareness and healthcare support.

Mental health problems like schizophrenia, depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorder, etc seem more prevalent than ever in our society with impoverished healthcare facilities available in scarce numbers. 1.926 beds for a 100,000 population and 624 psychiatric units are too low to achieve a well-balanced healthy society.

We need to raise awareness and spread information about mental health and how we can establish a better healthcare system, especially after the pandemic and the dislocation of people after massive floods. These events cause more depression and anxiety, which is seen in more than 34 per cent of adults.

Mental health issues often are shoved under the rug in our society; we need to talk more and more about it while spreading awareness and also making necessary efforts in reaching the needy and facilitate health care for them. Let’s pledge to take care of ourselves and our surroundings, keep our eyes on the lookout for these issues and lead the way in providing solutions.



KU issues

The services provided by Karachi University (KU) are appalling. Students suffer a lot of degradation for even minor issues. Because of in-corrections in Performa, missing programmes and other problems, students endure too much degradation. Even when department offices are incompetent, the semester cell does not respond properly, resulting in additional problems.

Students are the only victims as they move from department to semester cell and then to department as a result of this problem. However, after months of research, we can’t find a solution. I would like the vice-chancellor to address this issue and provide better service.




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