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QAU fiasco

Every government in Pakistan gives lip service for promotion of education in this country, but in reality, they all lack political will to give priority to this most vital sector, without which human resource development, nor advancement in science and technology can be achieved. Special interest groups and vested interests have prevailed over the collective national interest too often, and today we are reaping the harvest.

The PTI coalition government which approved this CDA project to occupy land owned by a premier state-owned university QAU of Pakistan, nor PM Shehbaz who inaugurated it recently, gave a thought to prevent this. Can anyone imagine, the state administration having audacity to take over land allocated and owned by MIT, Cambridge University etc., in the arbitrary manner it has been done in the case of QAU Islamabad. The civil society, parliament and the media of these countries would all have collectively risen up to protect sanctity of their premier universities.

India today earns more revenue from IT than from export of any other industry. It owes this to investment and promotion of Indian Institutes of Technology, a project visualized by their first PM. Our own religion and Prophet (PBUH) have stressed upon importance of education. It is unfortunate that even our judiciary seems to be reluctant to enforce the importance and priority of universities.

The sanctity of land allotted to university, amenity plots, forests etc., must be protected instead of relying upon technicalities to regularize these irregularities. China today has emerged as a major financial power because of their focus and priority to promote education and investment in research and development in science, technology, medicine, economic, arts etc.




in the law

Law is a complex and controversial subject. Most people have superfluous understanding of complexities and technicalities of law. Any judgement which doesn’t comply to common reasoning is deemed unjust. In that mist of confusion, agitation and resentment, public levels up their criticism on judges or judicial procedures . What goes unnoticed is the question of what if the law itself provides loopholes to the powerful and hence requires mending.

This is what happens in most murder cases in Pakistan. While people, academians and lawyers are apt to burst out at judges for not serving justice , the actual issue pertaining to law itself goes unnoticed.

What a layman does not know is that the judge is only to interpret laws which have been laid down by parliament. They have little jurisdiction or authority beyond what has already been provided in statutes or their own past precedents which also drive legitimacy from either statues or ordinances, both are not areas under their ambit of power. With regard to law on murder cases in Pakistan, the greatest loophole for the manipulator is its compoundable nature. Murder is a compoundable offense which can be compromised by paying certain amount of money to the heirs of the victim i.e. Diat, or by any compromise between the two parties.

It is perfectly legal in Islamic law as well as the Pakistani law; although Quran lays emphasis on Qisas , death penalty as the preferred form of justice if order is to be maintained in society. However , room has been provided for settlement in case the murderer corrects himself or the heirs of the victim may also get financial support.



Stray dogs galore

Recently, there was news that China wanted to import donkeys and dogs from Pakistan. Well, it’s a golden opportunity for us to seize upon. We have a huge variety of stray dogs roaming about not only in villages but also in many residential colonies in Lahore.

The Lalazar Colony near Thokar Niazbeg has become a favourite hangout of stray dogs of all shades, colours and ages. They leisurely stroll on the roads harassing and sometimes biting passingby women and children.

When pedestrians see a pack of dogs, they shudder to pass by them. Even though the Lahore Municipal Corporation employs regular dog shooters with guns and transport, they want to save their cartridges rather than to shoot stray dogs.

How callous of the provincial administration it is that government hospitals don’t maintain stock of anti-rabbis vaccine. Now that our long-lasting friend China is keen to import dogs, we must consider exporting the stray dogs quickly and free of cost.

China may pay for the transport and some allowance to dog catchers. Dog catching is an art that only the experts know how to handle. However, the Lalazar colony near the Thokar area must be the first choice of the dog catchers.

Trust, a large empty plot with walls around is a permanent rendezvous of dozens of stray dogs. Moreover, exporting hundreds of thousands of stray dogs to China will further strengthen our friendship with our close ally.




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