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Karsaz bomb blast

Police and allied agencies are still clueless about the perpetrators of the twin bomb attacks on the homecoming procession of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto despite the passage of 15 years.

Around 180 people were killed and more than 500 sustained injuries when two blasts in quick succession ripped through the procession on Oct 18, 2007. This happened only around two months before her assassination in Rawalpindi.

The streets of Karachi came to a halt to welcome BB on her return, after an eight-year exile during which she lived in Dubai and London.

Police vehicles bore the brunt of the blasts, which completely destroyed three police vans and killed at least 20 policemen in the vehicles.

Three inquiry committees have been constituted since 2008 to trace the mastermind, handlers, and executors of the attack, but to no avail.

In March 2008, the police produced in court Qari Saifullah Akhtar, an alleged Al Qaeda militant, but he was released for want of evidence.

DSP Nawaz Ranjha, who was later gunned down, submitted that no incriminating evidence had been found to link him with the blasts.

The arrest and production of the alleged militant was made before the PPP came into power and since then there has hardly been any effort made to track down the culprits and bring them to justice.

Since the incident, 15 years have passed and the third PPP government ruling Sindh without interruption, but the innocent blood of martyrs is still waiting for Justice. PPP has decided not to arrange any main public gathering this year, because of heavy rains and floods especially in Sindh.


Sindh Petrol price

The federal government Saturday announced that petroleum prices will remain unchanged for the second fortnight of October.

The announcement was made by Finance Minister Ishaq Dar, stating that the decision has been made after consultation with Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif.

He said that the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) had recommended a slight decrease in petrol price and increase in diesel and kerosene oil prices. The announcement came as a shock as the public was expecting a cut in the prices of petroleum products for the second half of October in the light of the appreciation of the Pakistani rupee.

Last month, the SS-led federal government slashed petroleum prices by up to Rs.12.63 per litre after which the petrol price was being fixed at Rs.224.80 per litre. The price of high-speed diesel was reduced by Rs.12.13 per litre to Rs.235.30 and light-speed diesel is currently sold at Rs191.83.

The govt is requested to kindly decrease the price of petrol so that lower and middle classes are benefitted, whose, otherwise, back has been broken by high price of every item.



Islamic way of parenting

Parenting is, indeed, a great responsibility. Parents should nurture, educate and train their kids. They should be a role model of virtue for their children.

Islamic way of parenting is loving and guiding in mode. Take much care of them and try to be less demanding and more responsive towards them, especially in early years.

If they are adults, you should give them some personal space and don’t interfere too much in their private matters. You are given authority so provide them a proper system. Create boundaries and set consequences.

Deal them with tolerance, harmony and peace. Show some flexibility by forgiving and accepting children’s disposition and try to discipline their inner faculties. Toxic parenting means providing a negative and toxic home environment, bringing them up with fear, guilt and humiliation as tools to get what they want and ensure compliance from their children.

Consider your children fidelity given by the Almighty, take care of them without hoping any kind of favour that they’ll care for you in your elderliness.

It’s human nature that s/he expects too much but one should be self denying. Lastly, lack of communication and interaction creates a generation gap so try to build trust, communicate and focus on common interests and redefine your mentoring.




The construction sector of Pakistan has grown rapidly in the last decade because of the projects driven by foreign investment like CPEC, Gwadar etcetera but progress brings its own problems. Due to an ineffective justice system, the backlog of cases in courts are at an all-time high which is devastating for the construction sector where disputes are commonly formed.

A speedy and affordable construction-specific dispute resolution method would be beneficial for Pakistan’s construction sector. For United Kingdom’s statutory adjudication has been beneficial, but some updates are required. In Pakistan’s construction sector payment issues are the biggest source of disputes, and commercially and fiscally weaker party is subjugated there due to absence of an accessible justice system and abuse of power.

The statutory adjudication would exclusively deal with payment disputes and the decision would be given in 28 days or any other limit defined by the legislators. So, the introduction of statutory adjudication would be beneficial for Pakistan.




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