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Streets crime in Karachi

This is what is actually happening nowadays in cities like Karachi. The citizens are not able to use their phones outside their homes. People are totally scared of being looted, robbed and they are afraid of losing their possessions.

Over the last few weeks, street crimes in Karachi have increased considerably. No one in the city is safe on the road and even within the confines of their houses. The authorities seems to be indifferent and has left the residents to fend for themselves.

Senior officers of the police and law-enforcement agencies should be held accountable for such unsatisfactory performance and utter neglect of duty. I don’t know how the government will solve this problem of the people but the only thing I seek out from the government is to clean Karachi and our country from thieves and looters so that the people can lead a prosperous, peaceful and comfortable life.



Transgender bill 2022

The Transgender bill was presented to empower the transgender. The bill opened a new debate among the critics and controversy among the people.

The bill was based on six chapters. The initial points in chapter 2 the words used “self perceived” were found the controversial core. The statement is “the transgender shall have a right to get himself registered as per self perceived gender identity with all government departments including, but not limited to NADRA”.

The controversy snooped out the critics as well as every conscious mind. There became a trend on social media, “The Transgender Bill Na Manzoor”. Contrary to this no explanation was put forward by parliament members. The deep silence is also dragging the matter more controversy.

What does this statement mean and how does it affect the Islamic teachings and society? Self-perception can be misleading to a sole.

As if I am not satisfied with my gender, I can go and change it in documents without any medical examination whether it is required or not. This can be drawing the society towards the unethical environment flourishing the evil acts. Moreover, the Almighty has created every sole in a perfect shape and appearance and for a specific reason. The rights of transgender are pretty important. They must enjoy the rights equivalence to male and females. They must be accepted by the family and society as a complete solitary. They must participate in all activities nurturing the culture, society and country.




I want to express my deep concern about the issue of malnutrition in children in Pakistan. Malnutrition is a serious condition that happens when your diet does not contain the right amount of nutrients. Malnourishment in a child can cause several issues such as shortness or undergrowth for their age, thinness or over-bloated bodies, they tend to be listless, and weakened immune systems. These nutritional disorders can affect any system in the child’s body and can cause them to lose their sense of taste, sight, and smell. They may also show some psychiatric symptoms, anxiety, and changes in mood swings. Recent global data on malnutrition shows that malnutrition is responsible for nearly half of the death of children worldwide, with most of these children under the age of six. The reality is that we already have the knowledge and tools to save hundreds of thousands of lives each year from this severely painful condition. Ending global hunger and malnutrition won’t happen overnight. But there is plenty we can do right now to stop children from dying. A relatively small additional investment by donors, governments, and other financial instruments would dramatically reduce child death rates.


Jhang Sadar

English learning

In modern times, English has become a necessity for every human being. Although Urdu is our national language, the importance of English is increasing day by day and all tests and interviews are being conducted in English instead of Urdu. Everyone is trying to enrol oneself in a good language centre so that he can master English and there is no shortage of English language centres in any city. If there is any problem, it is only the poor who cannot enrol their children in the language centre. There are millions of parents in Pakistan who want their sons to learn English, but due to poverty, they cannot educate their children because the monthly fee is increasing day by day.

All the language centres are private and earn their livelihood from monthly fee but unfortunately, you will not find a single government institution that teaches English to children for free. In school, they don’t pay much attention to grammar and English speaking and only pay attention to the course.

According to Google, the US and India are the countries where most people can speak English. After them, the third number comes from Pakistan. According to a survey, there are 92,316,049 English speakers in Pakistan and these are the people who can afford it. This proves that English is now compulsory in Pakistan. It has become very difficult to get a government job without English because now the competition is very tough.

Rich people easily send their children to good institutions or hire a teacher at home, but poor people are victims of poverty and are unable to do so.

I plead the government to build free government English language centres in every city so that poor people can send their children for learning English. It can be a useful step towards success.




in Turbat

Malaria is one of the harmful diseases which spreads by mosquito and pollution.

A great number of people in Turbat have been affected by malaria and suffering from critical conditions. The people have become so careless who don’t care their environment and pollute it because of which they are suffering. The government and citizens both should work hand-in- hand to control the disease which is increasing at an alarming rate in the city of Turbat.





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