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Flood, flaws and solutions

Pakistan contributes less than one percent of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions but faces the worst kind of climate consequences. Flood is one of the worst kinds of natural disasters that Pakistan is facing nowadays which has killed more than a thousand men, women and children, millions of acres of ready-to-harvest cultivated crops have been completely washed away, millions of livestock have been killed and thousands of kilometers of roads, bridges, properties, basic infrastructure including hospitals, educational institutions, drainage system, clean water system, power supply, aquatic system on which millions of people’s living is based have been completely or severely damaged.

Other than this, severe floods damaged wildlife,disease proliferation and destruction of natural habitats. According to official estimates, recent floods in Pakistan have cost at least $10 billion in losses. The recent flood created a huge impact on individuals as well as on communities, these impacts are economic, social, environmental as well as psychological because people were forced to leave their homes, animals and memories behind.

We have visited flood-affected camps in different areas. No doubt the Pakis always set up relief activities including food and possible shelter, but overall conditions are too miserable. Besides announcements of billions of rupees of funds from international donor agencies and political parties, displaced people are complaining about the inadequate supply of basic necessities.

This natural disaster mishandled by the government has forced people to live in miserable conditions, no proper shelter no single tent was there for more than four hundred men women, and children staying in Jamshoro, Sindh, at daytime, people use their beds (Charpai) and blankets to form a temporary shelter and at night same bed is being shared for sleeping for more than one people, no single washroom or toilet is available for these people, a male can manage their needs, but for females it is challenging to live without washrooms.



Poor disaster management

These days, floods have become a huge problem in several cities of Pakistan. It has taken around 1500 lives and millions of people have become homeless. Floods have also swept away roads and bridges. Though the authorities concerned have been fully engaged in mitigating the sufferings of the flood affectees, around three millions, yet they keep on waiting for their rescue. Affected people claim that this is the worst flood they have ever faced in history. This disastrous overflow has destroyed everything that came in its way. Is this the revenge of nature? OR Is this the result of mismanagement of our authorities?

We are facing a climate emergency. A heart-breaking incident occurred in Swat valley, where five friends stuck themselves with a rock, in the middle of the flood, while hanging with ropes to save themselves hoping to be rescued, but even after waiting for almost five hours no one came to rescue them despite the fact that the helicopter, under the use of the KP Chief Minister, could have been sent to bring them to safety.

The most tragic was the reaction of Special Assistants of the KP CM when he was approached and requested to send the helicopter for the purpose (he said) the helicopter is for the, not for rescue. From this, one can judge the approach and sincerety of our rulersActually they are dealers, not leaders.

In a things like this are happening unfortunately, but no serious action has been taken to avoid further wreckage. There are speedy hikes in prices of tents, plastic sheets and the essentials for this situation. Affected people failed to secure shelters for themselves. May the Almighty protect our people and country from this dreadful situation. (Ameen)



My first day

in school

School is a place of learning for a child. It is a training ground for him/her. It is here that a child forms new associates and forms new ideas and habits. It is here that he/she prepares himself/herself for the stage of life. I was enrolled in a school at five.

I still remember that the first day of my school was a Monday and my mum had packed two sandwiches for me to be eaten during the short recess. I felt a bit nervous in the new environment. The boys of my class looked at me with wonder and smiled. I had with me my English textbook and got my first lesson in alphabet.

Soon the bell for the interval rang. The boys rushed out of the classrooms. Some of them gathered round me. They laughed at me and made fun of me. A few sympathized with me and befriended me. I had a novel experience. The final bell went at 1:30 pm. All the boys felt very happy. I also took my school bag and hurried back to my home.

The memory of my first day at school is still fresh in my mind. I feel proud when I describe it to others. My first day in school was completely a new experience for me. It fills me with pride when I look back at it and share my experience with others. I feel my first day helped me become confident in school which ultimately shaped the rest of my years there.

Today, several years later, I feel happy that I went to school. If I hadn’t, I would be doing odd jobs for people like running errands, watering the lawns, scrubbing utensils, looking after the sick and the aged, or even washing clothes and wouldn’t be able to become a writer and write this article for young readers like you.

Jubel D’Cruz



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