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Pakistan’s double financial jeopardy

We were already facing an acute financial crisis, where rising debts piled by successive governments starting from first IMF package signed in 1958 to the most recent Extended Fund Facility signed with them on July3-2019, is a sad reflection on abuse of power, poor governance and living beyond our means. As if this was not enough, climate change infused rains and melting glaciers have dealt a double jeopardy. Pakistan has over 7000 glaciers and there was a global warning that they would melt.

Instead of preparing for these natural disasters, the path of water flow was obstructed by real estate developers in collusion with powerful people in the corridors of power. Hotels destroyed in 2010 floods, located on edge of Swat River, were allowed to be rebuild and also new construction allowed by corrupt government officials. Karachi, a metropolitan port city, has witnessed water drain systems that existed for decades, encroached in connivance with Clifton Cantonment Board and DHA, making life miserable for hapless citizens after even normal heavy downpour.

People pay taxes because of fear of law and heavy penalties including imprisonment. Instead of punishing tax evaders, every government has encouraged them with endless amnesty schemes. Even smuggled non-custom paid expensive limousines were given amnesty. Research reveals that many countries launched Tax Amnesty Schemes to whiten black money and reaped lucrative financial dividends with increase in tax base and improvement in Tax to GDP, but this has not happened in Pakistan. Voluntary Disclosure Program exists in countries like Canada. Unfortunately Conflicts of Interest of civil and military governments have failed to achieve any satisfactory increase in tax base or revenue collection creating huge deficits, which have been met by seeking more debts and continuing with abuse.

Over 450 children including infants and 1000 adults have died because of floods. Bodies of infants floating in flood water would melt hearts of many, but this does not seem to deter few, who are blinded by power politics and continue holding political rallies, instead of focusing on providing relief to over 30 million citizens who desperately need help. Food inflation is bound to increase when crops have been destroyed. Playing politics on these issues is inhumane to say the least.



Looming threats

Balochistan has been suffering too many unforeseen circumstances after floods. And most of the alarming issues are destruction of properties, crops, and medical facilities for pregnant women. According to collected data, approximately 73,000 pregnant women were affected by floods. While around 577,000 were set to give birth. They were affected terribly and suffered a lot. There is an urgent need for government to take immediate action on the looming threats and provide medical and nutritional assistance to pregnant women who have been affected by the floods.


Turbat, Balochistan

Flash floods in Balochistan

Balochistan has been facing many problems because of recent heavy rainfall. According to reports, the death toll from torrential rains and flash floods remains high, while those injured and misplaced run into thousands. There should be practical and long term steps for prevention of floods in Balochistan. Different districts like Lasbela, Turbat, Kalat and Panjgur have been heavily affected by gushing water. The most important issue is destruction of roads and bridges. I urge government of Pakistan to arrange maximum help and guidence to people so that routine life returns to normal at the earliest.


Turbat, Balochistan

A futile bloodshed

The people of Palestine have been facing continued violence by Israeli military and Jewish settlers for last many decades. Israeli attack has left the Palestine high and dry in general and Palestinian Muslims in utter grave law & order situation.

Israel has deprived Muslims of their homes, basic needs, families, relatives and what not. However, the world is censuring the ferocities of Israel taking place in Gaza, Palestine. Apart from this, Israel is constantly working to promote Islamophobia. For instance: Al Aqsa mosque was attacked by Israel. Woefully, more than 200 Muslims were hurt by Israeli forces during this clash. Yet, for Muslims, mosque is the holiest place, as no one can be allowed to trample upon its sanctity.

By the same token, a crisis took place on 6th of May 2021. During this conflict, Israel committed blatant war crimes against innocent humans in Gaza strip. According to WHO, 242 Palestinians were killed including 63 children and 9000 injured. Moreover, more than 70,000 Palestinians were displaced. To cut a long story short, an innovative solution must be found to stop this wanton bloodshed.





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