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Regional economic connectivity

Robust economic growth and development is generally attributed to economic interconnectivity between neighbouring states. Regional cooperation is the key to economic well-being of all. While global trade between states from different continents costs hefty amounts of money on shipping and insurance, there is also threat of trade being affected by conflicts, pandemics etc. The ongoing negative ramifications of Ukraine-Russia conflict have generated various risks yet trade between neighbouring states is free of such hassles. Pakistan has to learn this lesson as soon as possible.

A recent survey by US state department suggested that state should refrain from cross-Atlantic or cross Pacific trade and keep regional trade as top priority. The survey concluded that members of European Community and ASEAN got the most benefit from regional trade, while Africa and South Asia were worst in terms of regional cooperation and hence in economic development. This was also reflected in a recent article published in the Guardian in which lament was shown over Britain’s Brexit decision. Since Brexit, UK has faced decline in its economy. It is in efforts to re-establish ties with the EU.


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Out of school children

There is no denying that children are bright future of the country. In Balochistan majority of children are out of schools. It can be a great hurdle to development if children remain out of schools or collages. There are some irresponsible parents who are not willing to send their children to schools. It is very sad to say that children instead of going to schools or collages are working as labourers and it is one of the biggest causes of our backwardness.

The children instead of having a book or pen in their hands are holding tools. In this modern time, the most important and valuable thing in world is education by which one can achieve everything he wants. Just imagine that if one does not allow one’s children to get education, then how society and country will be developed. So if they do not allow their children to get such a chance, then their lives will be aimless. Unfortunately, in our society irresponsible parents instead of sending their children to schools, send them to workshops and the outcome is in front of us. Some are conductors and some of them are working as barbers. Therefore, it is humbly requested to parents to send their children to schools and collages because they are future builders of the country.


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Tribute to martyrdom

A nation must never forget dedication and commitment of patriots and their services to country must always remain alive in people’s hearts. The unfortunate tragedy of a helicopter crash that took place recently left the nation in despair. The helicopter that took off from Uthal at 5:10 pm on Monday and was supposed to land in Karachi at 6:05pm but lost control owing to bad weather and poor visibility. Embracing martyrdom while serving the nation, we Pakistanis must feel honoured of these brave souls and pay tribute to their bravery while rescuing those affected people who were badly stuck in flood waters in Balochistan.

Wreckage of the helicopter was later found in Musa Goth, Lasbela. According to the details Major Saeed Ahmed was the pilot, while Major Muhammad Talha was the co-pilot of the helicopter. Also included Lt Gen Sarfaraz Ali and four others who were also on board when the helicopter crashed. Indeed, the martyrdom will forever be a symbol of pride as they went to save and protect millions and unfortunately ended up losing their lives.


Turbat, Balochistan


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