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Embankments direly needed

PAKISTAN came into existence on 14 August 1947 after sacrifices and struggle of Muslims of the subcontinent. Since its inception, people of Pakistan experienced and witnessed various things like wars, earthquakes, terrorism and floods.

The country having limited resources has success stories from sports, culture, science, technology, IT, agriculture and industry. The reason behind these success stories is youth, intelligence of people, hard work and, above all, unity among people of Pakistan.

We are celebrating diamond jubilee celebrations of our independence, meaning by that we are yet 75 years. If we see in this context, the nations and countries which are called developed countries took hundreds of years to reach their destiny.

The Allah Almighty has blessed Pakistan with dedicated people who are working day and night and contributing their share in development and prosperity of the country.

The time has proved that whenever there is crisis of wars with neighbouring country India, earthquake in 2005 and flood of 2010 as well as current floods, people have supported the defence forces and affected people leaving behind their differences. In short, we have learnt a lot from crisis, therefore, we rose again after all kind of crisis.

In the circumstances mentioned above, it is proposed that embankments of all rives particularly the River Indus should be made. The embankments of the Rivers are need of the hour and security of economy. In the past, ferries carrying goods from Karachi reached Kot Mithan was cheap source of transport of goods.

Water channels can be constructed after some distances while making embankments of the rivers. It will not only cater surplus waters of rains and floods but also source of cheap goods transportation. In this way, Pakistan can save huge money and promote tourism through running ferry service in the rivers.




Umami is!

A few days ago, I came across an article that talked about the celebration of World Umami Day. It was quite enlightening since before this article I had no idea what umami was! I learnt that umami is the fifth flavour besides sweet, sour, bitter, and salty. Umami means “essence of deliciousness” in Japanese, and its taste is often described as a meaty, savoury deliciousness that deepens flavour.

While umami is found in many foods, one of the easiest ways to achieve this umami flavour is food by using monosodium glutamate or as it is popularly known as, MSG. A small pinch of this condiment can enhance the flavour profile of any dish. There are endless possibilities with MSG; we could use it in samosas or fried chicken dishes and take the dish to the next level! Sadly, MSG has been banned in the country due to the reason that it is unsafe for human consumption, but such a misconception has long been proven wrong.

Several organisations such as the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, the World Health Organization, the EU Scientific Committee for Food and the United States’ Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have verified that MSG is safe to use. And not mention the health benefits associated with MSG. From my readings it appears that we are among a handful of countries that have restrictions or bans on its use. I hope that Pakistan (government) re-evaluates the ban and allows MSG to be used again. I would really like to explore its uses and experience umami!


Via email

Call for Azaan

The calling for azaan/adaan is an essential religious practice of Muslims all over the world. But the contents of the azaan/adaan are hurting some Hindus in India, especially the BJP-ruling States.


Mumbai, India

Horrible situation


In this terrible situation of floods that have wreaked havoc in every single area, the key people of Pakistan must make it a matter of concern. The poor people in our whole country have been suffering from these detrimental losses where some have lost their beloved ones, others have lost the abodes in which they have spent their whole life and some are begging for shelter along with the dire need of food and water. This contemporary alarming situation in Pakistan has left everyone spellbound. The chaos has spread to every nook and corner of Pakistan.

Therefore, keeping in view this deteriorating condition of the country, the key people must come forward to rescue precious lives in times of need. Pakistani people must get to know that their country is based upon Islamic principles. And in Islam, to serve humanity is to serve Allah, which means all those citizens who are capable to help in times of need, must put their share in it.

Moreover, politicians and government officials must put their efforts forward to assist these underprivileged people while leaving behind their politics for a while. And also, the television actors, Instagram, and tiktok influencers play their role in spreading the awareness messages and urging people to raise funds in copious amounts for flood entrenched families.


Larkana, Sindh

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