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Pak direly needs int’l assistance

Pakistan has been hit by a natural calamity of unparalleled magnitude. The ongoing deluge has brutally devastated the people of all the four provinces of the country. It has wreaked havoc, and taken a heavy toll on the lives, properties, and lifetime possessions of the people.

It has totally destroyed the standing crops, the infrastructure, and brought businesses to a grinding halt. One wouldn’t be wrong, if one chooses to call this profoundly heart-wrenching scenario a doomsday scenario.

Pakistan badly needs international support to deal with this nerve-wracking ordeal effectively. The international community should come forward immediately, and extend every possible assistance to Pakistan in these profoundly trying times.



Rainfall disaster

Unabated rainfall brought civic life to a halt in Sindh and Balochistan, which culminated in flooding and wrecking of the entire frail and trembling infrastructure of these provinces.

On the other hand, public offices along with government officials have failed utterly in making rescue efforts for these delicate masses, who are left in the lurch. The ongoing climate nightmare in Sindh and Balochistan has taken hundreds of lives and washed away thousands of meagre dwellings, livestock and cultivated crops.

The preparedness of any ruling government for tackling the immediate issues is always questionable in this country. Notwithstanding high-alert warnings were already issued for heavy rainfall and likely flood in certain areas, institutions were yet not prepared for dealing with a catastrophic season of rains.

Such a non-serious attitude by the government shows there is a likelihood of more havoc, irreparable loss and an upsurge of affected people in resourceful provinces. Failing to deliver prompt relief to residents of rich provinces would cause a sense of deprivation and a furious attitude towards state institutions in the long run.



Invisible victims of flood

This year monsoon rain has broken 30 years record. Many areas of Sindh and Balochistan have been destroyed. Many villages have been inundated in flood water. Numerous people became homeless and compelled to reside in relief camps and some in the open sky. But still, neither relief packages are provided for the affected areas nor have these areas been reported by social media and electronic media. These invisible affected areas of Balochistan include Gichk, Rage, Gowargo, Hoshab, Pashtkoh many more. Heavy rain has swept away roads and bridges and made these areas disconnected.

Secondly, the unavailability of the internet is also one of the reasons for being invisible victims of floods since there is no other source to inform the people about the flood destruction. Many people have died and many people became shelterless.

Thus, the government of Balochistan is requested to initiate relief packages for these affected areas. And it is also responsibility of the journalists and other volunteers to be the voice of the voiceless and inform the world about the catastrophe brought by heavy rains and floods.




Pak Army

Dear readers: in civilized societies, every act and deed is done within the framework of civilization and ethics. Unfortunately, we do not pay much attention to ethics and moral values. The culture of abuse, slander and accusation without evidence is common.

Dear readers: The Army of any country has immense importance because it defends the country. Pakistan’s defence forces are one of the most modern, disciplined and professional in the world. Independence of our homeland depends on the brave sons of the soil. It’s just because of our defence forces that our enemies don’t even dare to look at our country with an evil eye. Our Intelligence Agencies are among the best globally.

Apart from defending the country, our defence forces have played a very active role during natural disasters/calamities like floods and earthquakes. We feel proud of our martyrs who gave their precious lives for our homeland. We should recognize their services and sacrifices rather than blame them. Recent helicopter crash in Lasbella, Balochistan, was a big tragedy in which we lost our six heroes. They gave their lives for the soil and we are proud of having such brave, committed and dedicated sons of the soil.

It is extremely unfortunate that some people have played with the feelings of families of those martyrs by their poisonous words on social media. It is an irony that our defence forces are targeted in the name of freedom of expression. The Trend of Trolling and baseless campaign on social media against Pak Army is a heinous crime and it should be controlled with all possible means on the government front and the people in general ought to keep distance from such unscrupulous people.



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