‘2022 KOICA Alumni Multi-Country Knowledge Sharing Webinar’ held


KOICA Alumni Multi-Country Knowledge Sharing Webinar was held recently. The event was organized by Pakistan, Nigeria, Cameroon, Senegal through a form of webinar and 150 people participated. The purpose of the event was sharing the achievements of the KOICA training program on digitalization and how the knowledge has been applied.

At the knowledge sharing session, four presenter shared their own experiences in the field.

From Pakistan Shafiq Ur Rehman(Director/Development Authority Govt of Punjab, Pakistan) and from Nigeria Chris Odu (Founder/Ecweb Technology)and from Cameroon, Bau Okha Morara (Information Communication Technology Expert/CAMTEL) and from Senegal FamaDia(Agent/Ministry of National Education) presented their experience in the field.

Each presenter thanked to KOICA for giving them the opportunity of participating the training program, further emphasized the importance of the knowledge sharing.

After the session, a short video on promoting the 2030 Busan World Expo was introduced to the participants.

KOICA has been holding an annual alumni association for strengthening the relationship with partner countries.

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