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New technology is spoiling language

,The advancement of new technology has taken place at a rapid pace since beginning of human history. All these modern-day advances come with various impacts. Among them are Cell phones, which have become a vital social tool while texting has become a common platform of communication and has quickly affected lives of millions across the globe.

However, texting has been criticised as an informal form of communication and has several deteriorating impacts on literacy skills of students. Because texting makes students lazy by providing instant messaging and auto suggestion features in which one tries to engage his peer during a conversation, they prefer using textese to convey the message through willy-nilly sentences such as one can use ‘Bcz’ instead of ‘Because’ or ‘IDK’ instead of ‘I Don’t Know’. Regular use of such text makes their overall quality of work suffers. They get so used to these words that often appear in formal school papers due to which ultimately their grades suffer. Moreover, students spend most of their time looking at their phone screens, due to this they are finding it more challenging to carry out their conversations. Being social humans, we should find it comfortable while speaking to others but due to this invention, we are so taken by the screens that we are gradually losing this ability of human interaction.

For instance, students cannot interact with teacher in the class and start taking out their headphones as bell rings. By doing so, they lack speaking skills and cannot perform better in class and in interviews. Therefore, to tackle this issue, students should be encouraged to lessen their use of textism and instead use proper grammar while they are using texting as a form of communication.


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Frequent load shedding

It has now become an everyday affair that people have to live in complete darkness for long hours in the absence of electricity. No one can imagine living without electricity, however power cut has increased to longer hours during past 2 months in our area. Unannounced power cuts bothers a great deal and disturbs domestic life.

During dark hours of night, students, old and sick people and children suffer in many ways. The hot weather has made the problem even more serious. At night due to antisocial elements it becomes risky to go out in dark streets. The electrical appliances are badly damaged due to voltage fluctuation. The breakdown affects water supply of the area too.

Load shedding has become a disease that badly effect normal life of people. It has become a regular occurrence, which goes to prove mere negligence and inefficiency of IESCO. Besides load shedding frequent power failures might be caused due to obsolete transformers and wiring system. I request higher authorities to look into the matter and restore people’s confidence as early as possible.



Bad road conditions

Awaran, a district in south of Balochistan is facing many issues. Roads are valuable for good communication. But main road that links Awaran with other districts like Lasbela, Turbat and many others is in a dilapidated condition. It is hazardous for citizens to travel on this road in cars, what to talk of motorbikes. The road is dusty and it needs to be carpeted so that travel becomes easier. I request CM Balochistan to order immediate efforts to repair the road.

Asif Rasheed


Worth of natural resources

It is quite amazing that a country, which has ample natural resources, such as rivers, network of canals, best irrigation system, ocean, vast cultivated land, glaciers, range of lofty mountains, best climate, minerals, oil, gas, coal, monsoon system, nuclear capability etc but it comes in the category of poor countries. An analysis reveals that a volatile and unstable weak political system that does not have the capacity to use these resources properly is the main reason of a poor economy. It clearly states that administration does not run or steer the country out of this problem due to mismanagement.

On the contrary, if skyrocketing food inflation continues and constant deprivation of basic necessities would not reach common people, it would ultimately ignite violence in the society. Now all political leaders must decide to work tirelessly to bring out the treasures buried in the earth, ocean and in the mountains to move towards prosperity. There is no such thing as a ‘poor country’ in the world. When a ‘system’ fails to use the country’s ‘resources’ properly, it is called ‘poverty’ (Noam Chomsky).


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Heavy rains and floods in Balochistan

The ongoing heavy rains and floods have damaged the whole infrastructure of the province. The bridges of the main RCD road (NA-25) have fallen down due to flood water and the bridge which connects Balochistan to the province Sindh is also one of them. Electricity main power transmission lines cut-off from Karachi.

The most affected district by the natural disaster is Lasbella, which is declared as a calamity-stricken district by the provincial government. According to reports, 102 people, mostly children, have died. Rescue teams and other social organisations are working to help and provide basic goods to the affected people. The authorities concerned are requested to play their role for the quick recovery of the missing people of different villages and to provide them basic requirements as they have lost their homes.




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