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Reign of terror

Targeting Police again and again in an organized manner by terrorists has raised many questions about the viability of our security plans. A series of martyrdom of policemen across the country has occurred during recent past. Apparently, terrorists kill at will. However, the failure to tackle it is due to the missing link of public’s denial in participating the defence process and taking responsibility thereof.
People are least bothered about for what is happening in the country and how suspicious elements are freely moving everywhere. This lack of interest causes serious threat not only to security forces but also to public in general. It is time to comb out arms completely of troubled areas and a crackdown on holders of illegal weapons immediately be carried out. Intelligence agencies must extend their wings to all sides and muscle their abilities to overcome the monster of Terrorism.

The beautiful people

Indian political veteran Sheila Dikshit is no more now. She had long been serving as Chief Minister of Delhi. Observing her political stint in India, I have been a great fan of Dikshit. I had come to know about her when I had been working in Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu in years like 2002.
Inspired by her grace, composure and knowledge, I had started writing many letters on her political career online in 2002. There is compelling evidence that political commentators and reporters have ascribed Delhi’s growth story to this Delhi former Chief Minister’s dexterity and astute political understanding/knowledge. The international community has been thriving/running on the threshold of such beautiful people.
We the people and others like politicos should talk a lot about such interesting people in a positive way, creating an optimistic environment around us. Ultimately, the world can be made much better, emulating the good examples of those role models.
Maharashtra, India

Vibes of VIM dawn over Pakistan

Imagine vibes of VIM (Vision, Insight, Magnanimity) excellence dawn over national and corporate horizon with grace, dignity and honour. This is the ecstatic aura of Late Shahjehan Syed Karim (SSK), Founder President of IoBM enlightening with spell-binding simplicity and sincerity blended with miracle educational and professional solutions to tough and tedious concerns of students, faculty, management, alumni and stakeholders. And these benefits are pleasantly shared by such IoBM friends as at LUMS, IBA, UMT, PAF KIET, BIMS and LSE to name a few in Pakistan and by friends at IoBM partner universities abroad in the Far East, Russia, Europe and the USA.
As such, laurels for IoBM keep ushering in, for example, its recognition as a top institution in business management and allied disciplines, by the Chartered Inspection Committee (CIEC), Government of Sindh and HEC, Government of Pakistan at the national level and by prestigious world ranking organizations as Ed-universal Paris and Erasmus Mundus, a consortium of European universities to name a few.
SSK VIM comprises V for Vision focussing on quality education for all, of course, for those who can afford it, especially for those who cannot afford it through need-cum-merit based scholarships. That means purposeful education with a harmonious and rewarding blend of character building, personally development, professional and career focussed training in job, business, corporate and life excellence. I for Insight in realising that the key to success lies only and only by understanding, giving respect to and communicating with people, infusing and reposing in them trust and confidence in fellow feeling, study and job-related skills, sharing happiness and challenges of education, work/business and life.

Israel and cyber security

“Cyber is a great business. It’s growing geometrically because there is never a permanent solution, it’s a never-ending business,” said Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s Prime Minister, at Tel-Aviv University’s 7th Annual Cyber Security Conference. He set a goal for Israel, of becoming one of the top five cyber security powers in the world. After two years of continuous struggle, Israel met that goal. Today Israel receives roughly one fifth of the world’s global private investment in cyber security.
It is a very small community, but Israel developed creativity to compensate its lack of resources. Israel understood many years ago that going into wars and launching massive military operations it bears almost unbearable prices (in terms of human lives, economic cost and international legitimacy).
But Why Cyber Security? Because it is, now, a well known fact among people of knowledge that upcoming wars will be fought through computers. Israel is thinking in advance and preparing for the future. Agencies there pick up high school students with higher IQ and train them in Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security. Hackers there can even control the cars you are driving (if it has Wi-Fi), they can even make purchases using your credits and yes can even hack world’s most famous and secured companies/departments like NASA, US Defence Department, Facebook, etc.
Therefore, a smart and much needed step would be to promote cyber security in our country, Pakistan. The more we train our generation about cyber security, the more we as a country will be secured. It should be the very first and prime step to make the country secure from every cyber attack or threat. And as mentioned in the beginning it is a “never ending business”, it will serve our economy, too.
A Passionate learner

Who caused huge loss?

Development projects in different sectors are launched at the national and provincial levels for welfare and wellbeing of the people at large all over the country. If these projects are not completed within scheduled time at the estimated cost and suffer from cost and time escalations then these are unwelcome and unpleasant burden on the national exchequer. Former Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, who is facing NAB music currently, among other major and minor projects in March and April 2019 had also rather prematurely inaugurated Tarbela Dam IV Extension project against the advice of German engineers.
This had not only delayed completion of the project but also caused initial loss of Rs 25 billion which after an in-depth inquiry conducted in the matter on express orders of Prime Minister Imran Khan on the basis of reports in the print media had enormously risen to about Rs 100 billion. Very pertinent question which arises here is that in the first instance why the former Prime Minister had insisted on inaugurating an incomplete project against the advice of German engineers and secondly, why WAPDA officials followed such uncalled for direction and did not put their feet down firmly in the larger national interest?
Multi-billion dollar questions which remain unanswered so far areas to who is to be blamed for this huge loss to the public exchequer and who has to pay and why WAPDA Chairman and the former PM have not been quizzed for this great loss to the national exchequer so far.