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School stationary

The Sindh government needs to take serious action against schools forcing parents to buy expensive copies carrying the monogram of the educational institutions where their wards study. The cost of these copies is much higher than ordinary copies available in the market.
One fails to understand why the managements of private schools insist on such measures as it adds no value to the quality of education and is an unnecessary burden on parents’ pockets.
The Sindh government and the representatives of private schools’ association should ask the management of all schools to stop this practice.

Growing population

The high population growth means birth of extreme poverty, unemployment, inflation, illiteracy and a lot of issues; similarly, the rapidly increasing population promotes the expenditure of government which highly affects investment and already broken and worst economical system. The more eating mouths need more working hands so government must make efforts to control over-population.

ICC World Cup 2019

Dismal performance of the team-Pakistan in Asia Cup-2018 and against Australia have disillusioned the Cricket fans across the country, patently, due to two major reasons: very poor selection of the team by the selectors and lethargic coaching. Since long it has been obsered that the selecdtion has been very weak even in the presence of strong and efficient players.
To the wit of PCB, the well-balanced team with principal and alternative candidates must consist of: Principal Selectees: Sarfraz (C), Babar Azam, akhar Zaman, Ahmed Shahzad, Abid, Shoaib Malik, Asif, Hafiz, M.Amir, Hassan Ali and Sahadab. Whereas the Alternatives: Imad Wasim, Haris Suhail. Fahim Ashrif, Hasnain. Anwar, Yasir Shah. Let it be crystal clear that Imam Haq has zero space and PCB has failed to produce alternative to M.Aamir (all rounder) so far.
The team composed of above mentioned Principal Selection could only compete the other teams. ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 in England will have different dimensions with the surface having become more batting-friendly. Conditions are going to play a big part, given that it is June-July. If it is a hot and dry summer like last year, giving spinners space to ditch in. Since the game has had an average of nearly six runs scored an over, which translates to a total of 300 in 50 Overs.
Nevertheless, I hate to say but have to say, the miserable performance in ICC-2019 Cup, will only be due to poor Selection and Coaching. However, a well-balanced team with dynamic batting line-up and effective bowling side will only help win the Cup.

Thanks to Gmail

Wow! Gmail has just turned 15 now. What a service it has been providing to us all to date! From the start Google and its technological services including doodles have been beautiful, amazing and tremendous down the years, still expected to be far-reaching down the road. Being an MCA graduate, mine is not a small story, but it has been big and interesting enough – not a narrow statement but self-assertion.
During my MCA college years like 2000, 2001, I had started learning complicated computer programs along with the knowledge and advent of beautiful and innovative Internet in my native places like Tiruchendur, Tuticorin, Tirunelveli in Tamil Nadu. Just more interestingly enough, I had created many interesting social clubs online while working/doing my professional activities in Tuticorin, Coimbatore, Bangalore, Chennai because at those times the services available on the Internet in India were at their creative best.
More to the point, I had created my Gmail Account in 2007 when I was working in Hyderabad. My biggest thanks ever to my favourite Gmail for making me strong personally as well as professionally! Kindness and greatness in my eyes, words, heart and brain, I can say this point many times over.
Mumbai, India

Social evils

There is nothing consistent about human behaviour except its tendency to drift towards evil. No amount of social, cultural and educational progress could ever eradicate the deep roots of evil from society. We, too, have got a number of social evils in our country. It is not the moral duty of any single individual, department or non-government organization to wage a war against social evils, it is rather the duty of all of us to work for the eradication of social evils which are constantly on the increase in recent times.
The love of money is the root cause of all kinds of evil. Lack of education and proper training has also contributed a lot to the spread of these evils. Black-marketing, dowry, smuggling, bribery, child-lifting, gang-rape, target killing, nepotism, jobbery, profiteering, fraud, robbery, beggary, adulteration, drug addiction, smoking, poverty, disease, and ignorance are the main social evils which are shaking the very foundation of our country.
The major problem of our society is that everyone is fully aware of his rights, but a very few know their social obligations. The Ulema and the educated persons must come forward in order to reconstructs society according to the teachings of Islam. They should not shut their eyes towards the various social evils that are likely to undermine the very foundation of our homeland.
Much remains to be done in the way of social reforms in Pakistan. But first of all, we will have to determine our goal to be achieved, then we should look for the officials and workers who are patriotic, far-sighted and courageous enough to remain steadfast to their principles against all the hostile elements for the great cause of humanity.

Video games addiction

Video game addiction has become a problem all over the world. Every other day there comes a game which becomes so popular in young generation and takes no time to penetrate. In the past ludo star and now PubG are the examples. The dangers of video gaming can be summarized into one word: addiction. Guilty pleasures like video games, television and candy are tolerable when done in moderation. The problem with video gaming is that unless controlled or limited by a third party, it’s both chemically and mentally addictive.
To prevent these addictions from occurring, parents should be paying close attention to the games their children are playing. Certain types of games are more addictive than others. Parents should make sure their children have plenty of other activities to take up some of their time so they will not have to spend as much time on games. Monitoring the amount of time, a child spends on gaming is crucial. Always be sure to set up limits on the amount of time spent playing video games.
After taking all of these precautions, the only thing left to do is pay attention to the kids to see if their attitude begins to change or if they begin to slack on responsibilities like their school work. If children begin to show attitudinal changes, you will need to make them stop playing their video games until they are not dependent on them. Preventing this addiction can be a difficult task, but if you put forth effort and be diligent about it, the addiction will not develop.