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10 million jobs?

Just recently I paid a visit to one of the recruitment sites where the test was being conducted for a junior post in a public department. To my utter surprise, more than 100,000 applicants applied for only around 500 seats from all around Pakistan. The officials of the testing services were too reluctant to share any information concerning the testing process. Thousands of applications for just some dozens posts reveal the gruesome picture of economy. Indeed, government has backed off from its claim to provide 10m jobs to youth.
Another question which rises here is the revenue that these testing services are gaining. It is a lucrative business indeed. The crestfallen youth, who is already unemployed and suffering severe mental and psychological stress and paying many hundred rupees for applying an overly competitive post, is hopeless at the moment. Imran Khan must consider the aspirations of the youth which supported it whole-heartedly. The youth bulge needs support of government instead of harsh and hostile statements by the Finance Minister, who was being considered a real hero and a man of action who will bring real change.
The youth has only one question, where are ten million jobs? That was a gigantic claim and bringing this many jobs is beyond the realms of possibility even with the support of the private sector. The burning question is why the government has made such claim. Asad Umar, the leading player of Imran Khan, has taken the nation to the blind alley and is more interested in squeezing the poor instead of taxing the elite.
At this critical situation, I ask the government to be realistic. The unemployed youth is getting pessimistic and painstakingly looking towards the government to play its role in uplifting their standard of life. The state must act at the earliest to keep the fabric of hope alive.

Counter measures for Israel

Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel, is set to win a record fifth term in office. He is considered one of the most dangerous Israeli leaders for the Muslim world. He has successfully destroyed and annexed parts of Palestine, bombed Lebanon into the middle ages, is the founder of ISIS, bombed Syria, trying to legitimize their illegal occupation of Golan Heights, organized many assassinations of civilians around the world, created and released the computer virus Struxnet and most recently was implicated in the failed Indian attack on Pakistan.
His win for a record fifth time means that the people of Israel approve of his villainous attacks against Muslims and he would intensify these attacks in his new term to appease his people. Israel has already created many divides among the Muslim world by destroying some into the dark ages, while wooing others with trade and deals. And although Israel is far from Pakistan, through India’s friendship they have gained strike capabilities in Pakistan, which is a serious concern and need to be tackled. Getting the Muslim world to come together on countering Israeli tactics and highlighting Israel terrorist acts is the first counter. But to gain strike capabilities Pakistan has to think outside the box.
One method would be for Pakistan to buy land in West Bank and near Israeli border for Pakistani embassies. These become land of Pakistan and Israel will not be able to annex it. Pakistan defence forces will be stationed at these embassies and can provide some peace and security while the embassies can also provide humanitarian and medical help to Palestinians. Pakistan can also ask other Muslim countries to open similar embassies on the border to stop Israeli annexation and provide help to the people of Israel.

Basic economic principle

There is no denying the bitter fact that prices of essential and other daily use items are hiking these days. Even at the highest level of Prime Minister Imran Khan this fact has been duly admitted as per reports in the media and the federal and provincial governments are trying their level best to keep the prices at the reasonable level. Opposition parties and their leader are harping on the theme of price hike day and night more for political point scoring than anything else. In doing so they are ignoring the fact that they are creating panic and buying spree among the masses at large quite un-necessarily and avoidably.
They should better remember basic economic principle of supply and demand. If the demand of anything is more than the supply then the price is likely to up. On the other hand, if the supply is more than the demand, the price will remain stable and within reasonable limits.
They should be doing service to the nation and the country by advising the people to exercise restraint and show resistance to buying costly items to the maximum extent possible. Lawn is an ordinary cloth which women have been using extensively for years together. But its fashion designing and branding has raised its price from three figures to four figures and it is still being bought freely by womenfolk even at exorbitantly high cost.
Then, hoarders and black marketers are also operative everywhere without being caught by the officials concerned. Like there are two meatless days, though we keep our refrigerators full throughout the week, can we pledge not to buy any non-essential item particularly perishable items at costly price at least for one or two days in a week thus keeping demand less than supply.

COMSATS degree

COMSATS University’s Lahore campus started a dual degree programme almost 10 years ago. They promised to award the degree of Lancaster University along with local degree. The students paid 2000 pounds for the Lancaster University degree. But the real drama started when the first batch of the dual degree program was about to pass out. The students came to know that they would be provided only the foreign degree, not recognised by PEC or Higher Education Commission (HEC). Therefore, it would be useless in Pakistan and would be just like an honorary degree.
The students protested against it and owing to the struggle of a universal teacher court ordered the university to provide the local degree as well to students without the payment of dues. But most students had not paid the pounds till then, so the dual degree program students were blackmailed by university administration to pay pounds in an overseas account to get their local degree released. Now the students are in a quandary because they cannot apply for admission to other universities for further study or for a job. The authorities concerned should take notice of this and resolve issue