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The best of both worlds

It is great to know that Pakistan has now agreed to visa-free access for the Indian pilgrims visiting the Kartarpur Sahib Gurdwara located in Pakistan. In fact such a great understanding and harmonious steps to give the people their religious freedom/faith as such are commanding and will bring in far-reaching results in future.
Many countries from across the world have been entangled in internal conflicts, for long having been crying for help and on many occasions having been left out in the lurch of economic mess/food crisis. Having been fighting for much longer time without cause has only taken a heavy toll on the international community. As against this, corralling countries and people in the right direction is a must-have in order to resolve those inherent issues as quickly as possible.
Incidentally, my native areas like Tuticorin, Tiruchendur, Korkai, Tirunelveli, Kanyakumari, Nagercoil, Marthandam in Tamil Nadu are the hubs of many ancient and architectural temples. And dashing into such places of worship like Korkai, Tiruchendur is quite common among the locals especially on special/religious occasions. Such interfaith/cordial activities have influenced those people significantly, making their togetherness much stronger. Similarly, the world community and the Asian region should go for the great interchange of ideas, faith and understanding in the best interests of all.
Maharashtra, India

Ignorant humans

In the Holy Quran, Almighty Allah has declared human beings as the supreme of His all creations and all vital creations have been entitled to serve and benefit humans, as precious water, such one from His countless many. Unfortunately, humans have been squandering those God-gifted natural resources unsympathetically, as what humans have done to life-serving and supporting water commodity.
As I happen to live at a private hostel, I witness the purposeless consumption of valuable water as the people keep water-tap unlocked as long as they brush their teeth or shave or clean their faces with soap or face-wash. I always go in shock, why their conscious, their education their moral values bother them to save the already scarce water. I feel pity and pray for them that they might realize the value of water and avoid wastage of water by themselves. However, whenever and wherever I see the tap of water open aimlessly, I go and close it directly! Save water, save life…

Pension of PIA employees

The management of PIA has recently increased pension of its employees. The board of directors in their meeting held on 02 May approved the said increase. According to the notification in this regard, 25% increase has been approved for the pensions being drawn over 30 years while 20% increase is for the pensions over the period of 20 years. Similarly, 15% increase was given the pensions drawing from over 10 years and 10% increase was allowed to the pensions for less than 10 years.
The management with the issuance of this current circular (Circular No. 21/2019) has suspended the Circular No. 14/2013 dated April 19, 2013. At the same time, the management gave more than 70% salary increase to different cadre of the airline as per their position. According to the admin order No 21/2016 dated July 26, 2016, the salaries of General Manager and above were increased with effect from October 1, 2015 (Rs 74000) and then further increased with effect from January 1, 2017 (Rs 56000), making the total increase of Rs 130,000 approximately.
Sadly, this was another injustice to the retired employees of the airlines by the management as this increase after six years was not as per laws and regulations. It is worth adding here that there was only one time increase in the pensions (in 2013) between 2009 to 2017. The ground reality is that the management should have given 60% increase (for past six years) in the pensions because as per rules there should be 10% increase (like the government does in federal budgets every year) in the pensions of the retired employees every year.
I therefore on behalf of all retired employees of the airline would like to request to the Prime Minister of Pakistan and Chief Justice of Pakistan to look into this issue and take necessary measures to help the retired employees in this recessionary time.
Via email

Say no to racism

There has been wide media circulation about the racist remarks of American President Donald Trump. First of all, I have been a big admirer of America and American culture. Yet again, I am a fan of Trump for the reason that he is always replete with energy, enthusiasm and positive talk.
At the same time, I am always opposed to such discriminatory remarks and any bias against human beings. I have been greatly encouraging such positive things/talks among the people, my relatives and friends in my native areas like Tiruchendur, Tuticorin, Korkai, Palayamkottai, Tirunelveli, Nagercoil, Marthandam, Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu.
No matter, the people and the countries have been in the same boat, struggling for their survival amid many volatile situations. Therefore, such discriminatory things should be better avoided at all costs. Donald Trump should confirm in the same breath that he has been always serious-minded about the growth of American people and that of the global community, come what may.
Maharashtra, India

Effects of artificial beauty

This refers to the issue of every woman who goes to a parlour for beautification by using artificial make-up, which is mixture of creams with deadly chemicals. I have serious concerns regarding unchecked artificial beauty chemical named as “beauty cream” which is used at beauty salons.
The young girls face is embellished only for the short period of time and to attend an event but the side effects of make-up are umpteen in later life. The low category products of makeup are cheap and extensive in impact. The acidic effects are felt on the face which only bring bad face and also causes black spots on the skin and face. This is demolishing the natural outlook and beauty of young girls. This issue is not only with girls but also with boys who go the salons. The tools which the parlours use have already been used plenty of times.
This can also cause HIV or other diseases. So I request the concerned authorities to look into the matter very seriously because it causes problems for young girls for entire life. The girls beautify their faces in a hope to look more charming and attractive but the consequences are very negative. The normal life with natural face becomes uglier because of the side effects of low quality products.
There is no check and balance on the manufacturing companies that what kind of chemicals they are using to make the cream. The dream of looking beautiful is natural so every human being desires to become unique and attractive. If her/his dream shatters it is because of low quality products manufactured by companies and used by unregistered parlours with an aim to become rich overnight. The government should take immediate notice on such companies and check the parlours that are risking the life of human beings.

Women empowerment

Empowering women was first initiated by our beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH as women of that era were being victimized by all means but honestly speaking, empowering women could be understood in its true meaning for which women empowerment was initiated. Islam has prescribed due rights of women and gave protection to their rights.
In today’s world, women empowerment is being considered to allow women to do anything at her own discretion while Islam has confined women to certain boundaries for her own safety and welfare but it is being taken negative by all means. Islam has empowered women within and outside the house to get her due rights like she would be given due share on property in inheritance and if she is a mother, paradise has been put beneath her paws just to let people know that how precious women is being a mother.
Women empowerment never means to wander in the society like horse without rein, wearing tight and transparent clothes, intermingling with strangers as all such activities will bring destruction in the society. Women as a mother has a sacred cause to bring their kids up through nice training so that a good society may occur while today’s call of women empowerment has neglected such a significant cause owing to which society is in retrogression. Everywhere women are being victimized in the society only because woman as a mother has neglected this cause.

Child labour

In our country most of the children are uneducated. They are forced to work at construction sites, in houses as cleaners. These poor kids struggle hard to earn some money for their and their facilities’ survival. We all obviously have seen children working in shops repairing things and doing a lot of menial jobs. But instead they should be getting education. They need to get education as they are the future of this country. We should not let poverty destroy their childhood as well as their future and, of course, the future of Pakistan and help the stars of nation financially.
It has become really important that child labour must be banned or stopped. Whenever we see a child working, we must ask him why he is working instead of going to school, we should definitely talk to him and if he has any financial issue or any other issue we must help him out.