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Overpopulation in Pakistan

Pakistan is the 6th most populated country in the world and its population is rising at a faster pace with every passing day. Different studies say that Pakistan would be the 4th most populated country in the by 2030. Indeed, it is an alarming situation!
Indeed, population is a blessing, but overpopulation gives rise to many problems. For instance, water scarcity, deforestation, air pollution, overcrowding on streets and roads, unemployment, traffic jams, illiteracy and so on and so forth. Due to overpopulation, the resources of a country become less and less, not sufficient to meet every day’s requirements. The government is urged to take immediate/tangible measures to control the rapid growth of population.

Apps to
help Hajis

It is amazing to know that the authorities concerned have introduced various Phone Apps to help the pilgrims during their stay in Saudi Arabia. A report in the Express Tribune disclosed that the pilgrims could get instant information by simply downloading these useful Android Phone Apps including ‘Mina Locator’, Al-Maqsad, Pak Hajj Muavin, Rehnama-e-Hajj, Dos and Don’ts, Pak Hajj Guide, Hajj Complaints and Tasbeeh Counter.
I really appreciate the step of the authorities concerned to help the pilgrims in performing their Hajj obligations with ease and comfort. It is essential on part of all of us to do whatever possible, provides convenience to our Hajjis.
Kech Tubat

Reko Diq controversy

The Reko Diq mining issue has been grossly mishandled from its very inception, to its taking up by Supreme Court and gross administrative and bureaucratic mismanagement of letting it go to ICSID. Pakistan facing a financial crisis, most of its own making, has been slapped with compensation penalty of $6 Billion. What more will it take to realize that we live in a world where specialists in relevant field must be involved in decision making.
Most of problems, whether economic crisis, or threat of terrorism and extremism, to political instability that threaten our national interests, are entirely of our own mishandling and process of decision making in hands of men who were either incompetent, nor qualified, neither had constitutional or moral authority to make them. Coming back to Reko Diq issue what authority did Caretaker Government headed by PM Moin Ahmed Qureshi and his CM Balochistan, who took over on 18 July 1993 to ensure general election, assist Election Commission for smooth transfer of power to an elected government have to sign exploration contract in July 1993 with BHP Minerals. In June 2000 the government in power signed a joint venture with Pakistan getting 25% and BHP getting bulk 75% in violation of internationally established practice of 50/50.
Australia’s Tethyan Copper Company had a joint venture with Canada’s Barrick Gold and Chile’s Antofagasta PIC for an exploration contract for copper Mining in Reko Diq. It is normal international mining industry practice that only after value of minerals has been established through exploration is an agreement negotiated for distribution of assets mined over a period of time. The country where mine is located normally would never settle for less than 50% share and international mineral companies would not hesitate to invest Billions of Dollars to earn revenue worth several times more than their investment.

Smart education system

I write this letter to express my deep concern over the problem of students’ increasing carelessness and disinterest in education. There are many factors that have led to this problem. The orthodox education system is to be blamed. The image of studies and education has been made so repulsive by the system, that children do always find excuses to avoid it.
Education is more an exploration than slogging for passing examinations, tests, and handing in assignments. However, the current system is such that education appears to be a burden. Hence, the students feel repulsive towards it. The schools and teachers must not corrupt the joy giving pursuit of education by putting unnecessary burden of rules and regulations on the students. The teachers must intrigue the students towards the charms of education. Learning and gaining knowledge is an adventure. Teachers must expose and reveal to the students the thrill involved in it. The classroom learning must be more interesting than the bunking experience.
The most burdensome aspect of the education system is the burden of so many books and paperwork on students. I just wonder why can’t the schools make the education system paper-free! Education should be imparted through Computer Assisted techniques. From class-room teaching to homework assignments, it should be totally computerized.

Forced theft conversion

Apropos to the report duly issued by NEPRA, which has revealed the performance of several distribution companies. Besides, Sepco turned out to be the least performer company in every aspect among its fraternity.
Being a consumer under the jurisdiction of said company, it is pertinent to mention that the company’s working style seems less concerned and little consumer centric and much more authoritative in dealing and less logical in handling of its end users. As a matter of fact, traditionally in Pakistan, company’s in general and Sepco in particular badly failed in building and maintaining strong and profitable relationship with their consumers.
Moreover, over-billing, implausible detections have put many into dilemma either to stay with legal connection or to go with some hanky panky by using state resources. Directly or indirectly white-collar consumers are being compelled to involve in unlawful practices and forced theft conversion are being made in this way. Nobody wishes to pay more for less or for which they haven’t availed and same happens when it comes to protection of consumer rights. No legal forum locally available to consumers to fight against corrupt practices of Sepco employees. Company is itself busy in guarding ones interest. If someone dares to make complaint, consequently they are gifted with heavy bills and excessive detection in return.
Noam Chomsky has rightly said, “The general public are not even aware of major decisions that will determine their fate, hence are in no position to influence them”. In the last, I would like to draw the attention of the worthy Premier Imran Khan and Federal Minister for Water & Power and the concerned authorities to carry out the decisive action once for all against the responsible in order to prevent lives of general public from becoming bad to worst.

ICC rules need changes

What we witnessed in 2019 Cricket World Cup was unbelievable because of the so-called and illogical rules of ICC. There were two major outbreaks in this competition that did not favour cricket nor did it favour the best teams. The first is of that net-run rate dropping out Pakistan from the World Cup since their huge margin against West Indies and the next one is the super-over of the final.
Interestingly, Pakistan with 11 points could not qualify for the semi-finals only because of having a poor net run-rate whereas another team with the same points played the final. Also the final at Lord’s was decided in England’s favour when the match was tied. However it went to the super over yet remained tie with 15 runs from both of the sides, but England remained world champions for hitting most boundaries.
There should have not been 6 runs of that throw hitting Strokes and going for Four, this delivery must have been declared did-ball earlier. New Zealand did not lose the match because they played better cricket in this entire tournament. However, according to the rules of ICC, they remained runners up. ICC must work on this and there must be fair justice for both of teams with better solutions in such crisis.