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Proactive nation

Recent participation as an Ambassador to ‘Positive Pakistan’ (Youth Organization) which recently conducted its 17th Young Leaders Summit at Jinnah Convention Centre Islamabad for the year 2019. In which acclaimed participation was approximately 15 thousand to twenty thousand youths from across country. Where current Minister of State for Interior Shehryar Khan Afridi was the distinguished guest and presided the event. He delivered a very prolific speech from which I concluded that if young generation know their responsibilities then the chances of errors become reduced to negligible. And one commences to focus on every problem with possibilities it will result into opportunities. But the only problem which youth feel is how in such sophisticated, pessimistic and heart wrenching condition of the state could contribute their youth to ponder over such prolific speeches or thoughts.
No doubt nation is the name of corporation, but government should take some serious steps intended to reconcile with its pre-election promises. Because current government was dedicated to youth as mostly stated by PM Imran Khan. Youth needs to be appreciated through their basic rights as recently Faisal Vawda current Federal Minister for Water Resources claimed so. Otherwise the slogan “Change we need, and the Change will come” will be merely a power of Rhetoric as done time and again by previous governments.

Drug addiction

Drug addiction is becoming a major problem among teenagers. The problem among children and youth arises because of a perception that they seem to harbor the notion of their inadequacy to measure up to their expectations of their elders. Nowadays it has become fashionable for the actors and singers to include tales of drugs addiction in their music.
Therefore, instead of spreading good values among the youth, the entertainment industry is responsible for propagating the use of drugs. The students and teenagers have become the target of major drug peddlers, who are selling drugs because of their own interest and they do not have any concern for others’ life. The students that take to drugs are more likely to commit suicide because of the harmful effects of drugs. Misinformation about drugs is another reason for these deaths as the addict or user may take the drugs in wrong doses, which can then lead to fatality. Drugs addiction among the youth is killing them morally and socially, psychologically and even physically and it is very dangerous for our society
It is the need of the hour to introspect and prevent drug usage. The responsibility rests with the State as well all relevant stakeholders. For a decrease in drug abuse to be sustained government, parents, schools and media must all contribute. When enough of us care to change what goes on in our homes, schools, and offices an overpowering commitment will take hold. Our children and this country’s future will be the better for it.

Double standard

The trouble with laws these days is that criminals know their rights better than their wrongs in Pakistan. A couple of days ago, when NAB Lahore team raided the house of Hamza Sharif, the Opposition leader in the Punjab Assembly from the dynastic family, could not be arrested as of the resistance from the party workers and later got pre-arrest bail from Lahore High Court in unusual routine against the money laundering of the billions of the rupees and by now his bail has been extend. However, court proceedings and relief are not as readily available to the other citizens as to those influential persons in Pakistan, painting the worst picture of the double-standard justice in the society.
A case of my colleague-cum friend’s father named, Shafi Muhammad Pathan (CP NO. 318/2018) aged 72 years has been in the jail custody in NAB reference and who time and again has been denied the request of the bail for the last year. I, being a citizen of Pakistan, expect the rule of the land must be applied to all with no any distinction. I also want to bring in the notice of the concerned authorities kindly grant the bail to Shafi Muhammad, considering the merit of the case and the age factor; otherwise, law without justice is a wound without care.

Prices in Ramazan

The majority of people wait for the holy month of Ramadan but it comes along with the high prices of daily food items. It has been reported that during the month of Ramadan prices of edible things go up. Inflation has always been a major problem for the people of Pakistan unfortunately this problem seems to aggravate further in the holy month of Ramadan. It is a painful truth that all the items like flour, oil, onions, rice, tomatoes, etc which are demanded in the holy month of Ramadan are rising in price. Inflation is really a curse for the people.
Ramadan brings unlimited happiness and blessings with it but unfortunately most of the people are dejected in holy month of Ramadan. People are unable to afford food items needed to break their fast. The poor people keep fast and after breaking their fast they remain without food. Something serious must be done to control inflation, at least in Ramadan so that people can be able to eat something after breaking their fast.