Visitors reach Naran to enjoy snow


After the recent snowfall in the tourist attractions of district Mansehra including Shogran, Kaghan and Naran, a large number of tourists have reached these places and enjoyed the clear and cold sunny weather with their families.

Following the orders of the provincial government, the chairman of Kaghan Development Authority (KDA) Dr. Amil Zaman Khan, Director General Tariq Khan and KDA staff along with machinery and equipment are present at various places of Kaghan Valley to provide a round-the-clock response in case of any kind of emergency for the convenience of tourists.

Earlier, yesterday KDA staff cleared the snow from the Mansehra Naran Jalkhad (MNJ) road by using heavy machinery and opened the road for tourists and local people.

KDA staff also issued instructions to the tourists who were vising Naran that owing to minus 5 temperatures in some of the areas there is a risk of slipping as ice could not melt, the tourists were also directed to drive carefully and slowly, use chains on the tires is recommended.