Virtues paved way for Imran Khan victory: KP CM

Staff Reporter

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Minister, Mahmood Khan Saturday felicitated Prime Minister, Imran Khan for winning vote of confidence from national assembly with majority and said that the triumph reflects confidence of parliamentarians on leadership of PM.

In a statement issued here, KP CM said that confidence of parliamentarians and their unflinching support is a proof that people would always support Prime Minster due to his stance and sincerity.

He said that Prime Minister, Imran Khan is the only leader that always gave preference to his principles and became champion of decency and morality in politics adding these virtues paved the way for his victory.

CM said that Prime Minister has emerged victorious despite the machinations of opposition whose leaders have a history of promoting corruption in their tenure.

He said that those who introduced culture of bribery in politics have realized that their future is doomed and people could not be deceived anymore.

He said that Prime Minister is a beacon of hope and is endowed with qualities to lead nation on a course of development and progress adding soon the day would dawn when people would witness the fruits of government’s welfare oriented policies.