View from above: Fruits of Belt and Road cooperation between China, Arab countries



The Yanbu Aramco Sinopec Refining Company in Saudi Arabia has a designed refining capacity of 400,000 barrels per day and annual oil refining capacity of more than 20 million tonnes. Furthermore, the company has nearly 1,200 Saudi employees.

The Jazan Economic City in Saudi Arabia, which was planned, designed and built by a Chinese enterprise, has promoted the implementation of Chinese standards, technologies and equipment in port construction in Saudi Arabia.

By the end of June 2022, the China-Egypt TEDA Suez Economic and Trade Cooperation Zone had attracted 134 enterprises to settle there, with their combined sales exceeding $3.3 billion. It has directly created more than 4,000 jobs.

The Central Business District in the New Administrative Capital of Egypt set many engineering records in Africa during its construction. The Iconic Tower is 385.8 meters tall, and is expected to become the tallest building in Africa.

The Hassyan Clean Coal Project in Dubai of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is the world’s first power plant with a dual-fuel full-load power supply capacity. It is also the first clean coal power plant in the Middle East.

After its completion, the Stage Two railway network in the UAE will cover major industrial, manufacturing and logistics centers, residential areas and important ports in the UAE.

The Lusail Stadium in Qatar, the main venue for the FIFA World Cup 2022, can accommodate 92,000 spectators. It is currently the biggest professional sports venue with the largest seating capacity that a Chinese enterprise has ever built abroad.

The Noor solar complex in Morocco comprises one of the world’s largest parabolic trough power plants. It provides clean electricity for more than 1 million households in Morocco.

The high-quality cooperation under the BRI between China and Arab countries is glowing with vitality. It will take China-Arab strategic partnership to a higher level and build a China-Arab community with a shared future in the new era.—PR