VC suggests universities to be converted on solar energy


Country all universities may converts their electricity power into solar energy to save nation’s billions of rupees, VC Gomal University Prof.

Dr.Ifrikhar Ahmad. In his letter to chairperson Higher Education Commission (HEC), he suggested that HEC should play a role to install solar panel in all Pakistan universities to use for electricity and they run all campuses departments and centers using solar energy to save more than 20 billion annually.

According to the details, Vice Chancellor Professor Dr.Iftikhar Ahmed wrote a letter to Chairperson Higher Education Commission (HEC) Islamabad Dr.

Shaista Sohail, in which the Vice Chancellor said that Gomal University monthly one crore pays electricity bills.

The Vice-Chancellor wrote in his message that a 700KW/h solar system project is in the final stages of implementation on which work will start soon.

Dr.Iftikhar Ahmed told the Chairman HEC that all universities of Pakistan are transferred to the solar system, then on one hand the government will be able to meet the shortage of electricity by using the electricity received by the universities in other places. side can save 20 billion annually.


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