Vawda claims ‘conspiracy’ being hatched to kill Imran


PTI leader Faisal Vawda, in a shocking claim on Wednesday, said that a conspiracy was being hatched to assassinate Prime Minister Imran Khan over his refusal to “sell the country”.

Vawda made the claim in a private TV channel in response to a question about a letter that Prime Minister Imran Khan brandished at the PTI’s March 27 power show in Islamabad and claimed it contained “evidence” of a “foreign conspiracy” to topple his government.

Vawda said there was a threat to the prime minister’s life but remained evasive when asked whether the purported conspiracy to assassinate the premier was mentioned in the letter.

Vawda said: “There is a serious threat to Imran Khan sahab’s life. I don’t know whether you were read that part [in the letter] about the consequences. That is life-threatening.”

“There has been a mention of assassinating Imran Khan sahab,” Vawda added.

“The impression of assassination … killing,” Vawda replied with a vague remark, moving on to say that the prime minister was told multiple times that a bullet-proof glass needed to be installed before his dais at the March 27 rally. “But as always and as usual, he said my [death] will come when Allah wills. Don’t worry about it.”

“Along with the vote of no-confidence, there is also a threat to his (PM Imran’s) life. There [has been a mention] of assassination,” he replied.

“We are concerned and worried about our leader. A conspiracy is being hatched to assassinate Imran Khan”, he added. Vawda continued: “Imran Khan is a brave man. He will never sell off his country. He will not sell off his nation. He will not take dollar[s]. He will not allow the use of bases and will not allow anyone to act as they will.”

“And its cost, till now, is the sarkar, that is the government, and his life,” Vawda added.


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