Variety of dishes in breakfast for PTI MNAs

Staff Reporter

The lawmakers of the ruling Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaf were on Saturday served with a variety of dishes in breakfast as they got readied to head off for the National Assembly to ‘repose, confidence in their Leader of the House, Imran Khan.

As they were warned against leaving the federal capital before voting on the vote of confidence, the PTI entertained them with delicious desi dishes.

The menu included the all-time favourite of everyone Nehari, the oily Halwa Puri, spicy Channay, Omelettes, Parathas and Tea.

The delicious breakfast warmed up the legislators of the PTI. The party also arranged placards for its lawmakers, with placards inscribed with the slogan “Noot ko Izzat do”.

After a relaxed breakfast, the PTI legislators got ready for their ‘mission of the day’ and started to leave for the Parliament House.

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