Use of ‘inappropriate language’ with widow lands official in trouble



Residents of Federal Residential Colony have been seething with anger over the alleged use of inappropriate language by a top officer of the Estate Office Karachi with a widow during an eviction operation on Friday.A video clip of the incident, which was recorded on a cell-phone camera, was shared in a closed WhatsApp group by a member of the FC Area Union Committee. It has gone viral on social media since then.

The clip shows a widow pleading with Muhammad Ayub, Director of Estate Office Karachi, outside her flat during the eviction operation.The woman says: “I am a widow.” Ayub cuts her short, saying, “Then get married.” The woman says, “I don’t have a house.” Ayub again interjects, “Then get married and have your own family and home.” He, then, turns to his department staff and asks them to vacate the flat.The FC Area Residence Committee has condemned the use of “inappropriate language” by the Estate Office officer. A neighbourer of the widow said that FC Area is a colony of federal government employees and the Estate Office Karachi is authorised to allot houses and flats here.“Director Estate Office Karachi Mohammad Ayub, along with his staff, came to Flat No. 5, Block F13, on Friday to vacate the widow’s flat,” the neighbourer, Mohammad Ahmar, told The Express Tribune.

“He spoke rudely and used inappropriate language when the woman pleaded for time to find a new accommodation,” he added.Also read: Traffic police use foul language with drivers: APOTOAFC Area Union leader Mohammad Nadeem said that it is no doubt the Estate Office’s job to vacate illegal flats and the union does not interfere in it.

“However, no one has the right to ask a widow to get married again? We condemn this use of inappropriate language,” he added.



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