US reports Coronavirus cases in gorillas in San Diego Zoo



The coronavirus pandemic has affected countries across the world and one of the countries worst affected by the virus is the United States.
The situation in the country is such that even animals are contracting the disease. Governor California Gavin Newsom announced on Monday that two gorillas at the San Diego Zoo have been diagnosed with the coronavirus after their test results came out as positive.
The US publication Politico reported that another gorilla apart from the two has also shown symptoms of the coronavirus causing alarm in the country.
“Our beloved gorillas, obviously, we are concerned about,” Newsom was quoted saying by the publication on the news.
CNN, citing zoo authorities, said that the diagnosis meant that it was the first instance that such a case is reported in the country.
However, the news is not surprising for researchers as they had warned that some non-human primates are susceptible to the disease.
“The gorillas live as a family, so it is assumed that all members have been exposed,” zoo officials told CNN.
The US-based media outlet reported that gorillas started showing symptoms last week after which their tests for the virus was taken.—AFP

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