US religious freedom report


THE way minorities, especially Muslims have been targeted and persecuted in India by Hindu extremists under the patronage of Modi government is not hidden from anybody but an open secret.

Now the US State Department in its annual report has also acknowledged this very fact whilst listing scores of incidents of violence including cow vigilantism attacks on religious places and properties owned by Muslims and anti-conversion laws in several states of India.

Ambassador-At-Large for International Religious Freedom Rashad Hussain said that some officials in India are ignoring or even supporting rising attacks on people and places of worship.

The question now is whether the Biden Administration will act on this report of its State Department or choose to act as a silent spectator out of political and economic expediency.

Given the relationship between the two countries that have grown over the last decade or so to contain the rising China, we doubt the matter will be taken seriously by the US Administration or taken up with the Indian government.

With the passage of time, unfortunately, these double standards on human rights have become more obvious and apparent.

The Western countries never get tired of blowing the trumpet of human rights but when it comes to the rights of Muslims either in Jammu and Kashmir, India or Palestine, they have never acted or come to their help or rescue.

Such an attitude is only instigating anti-West sentiments amongst the Muslims. As regards Indian Muslims, they are faced with dire situation as the Hindu extremists are giving open calls for their genocide.

The situation has reached such an alarming level that the Muslims are being barred from practising their religion.

India is playing with fire which will have serious consequences not only for itself but the entire region.

Hence it will be advisable for the Indian government to correct its course and rein in the extremist Hindus before it is too late.

Whilst Pakistan has always spoken in support of Indian Muslims, it is also for other Muslim countries, especially the OIC to use its influence to get the persecution of Indian Muslims stopped.