Biden: US intervention in Ukraine would mean WW3


Washington: US President Joe Biden restated on Friday that his country would not directly intervene militarily against Russia in Ukraine, as doing so would mean World War 3.

As the world fears that a nuclear war might start as a response to the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, the United States President. however, believes that the United States cannot directly get involved in Ukraine or send its military and jets to bolster the defence of Ukraine.

At the same time, Biden also believes that the United States and NATO will defend every inch of its territory.

“Make no mistake, America will defend each inch of NATO territory with the total power of American energy. An assault towards one NATO nation is an assault towards all of us,” Biden had warned a few weeks earlier.

On the front of isolating Russia and damaging its economy, the United States and its allies have imposed severe sanctions on Russian oligarchs, and the import of Russian products.

In this regard, Biden announced fresh sanctions on Russia, including a ban on imports of Russian alcohol, seafood and diamonds. He also said the US would expand the list of Russian oligarchs subject to economic sanctions.