US Govt project increases energy supply in Pakistan

Staff Report

Pakistani officials and representatives from the United States Government celebrated the conclusion of the four-year Sustainable Energy for Pakistan (SEP) project.

Through the SEP project, the U.S. Agency for Inter-national Development (USAID) partnered with the Pakistani government to provide more affordable, and climate- friendly power to Pakistan’s national energy grid while fostering economic growth for the country.

USAID Mission Director Julie Koenen said: “SEP has contributed towards making the energy sector more competitive, modern, efficient, clean, and financially viable for Pakistanis.

I am hopeful that the impact of this work will go beyond the energy sector and benefit the entire economy of Pakistan.”

Waseem Mukhtar, Additional Secretary for the Min-istry of Energy’s Power Division, praised USAID for its partnership, innovation, and support in mak-ing Pakistan’s energy sector more sustainable.

Through this project, USAID increased Pakistan’s wind and solar capacity by approximately 50 per-cent by leveraging more than $900 million in pri-vate investment and facilitating the addition of 860 megawatts of wind and solar projects.

SEP also introduced and standardized several new technolo-gies in Pakistan’s power sector, including smart meters, which the Pakistani government has ex-panded with its own funds.

The U.S. government’s partnership with Pakistan’s energy sector spans many decades and covers a wide range of projects to help Pakistan modernize its energy sector and com-bat the effects of climate change.

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