US and West use Islamic countries for wars, conflicts: President Alvi


ISLAMABAD – President Dr Arif Alvi has called for change in the current exploitative world order, where big economies like India are supported by the world powers.

In an interview, he said: “Today we have a ‘Testosterone’ driven world order, driven by vested interests, human phobias and hatred. It has a far bigger capacity to destroy the human race than nuclear weapons”.

He said that humanity needs to rethink and reorient towards a new “Morality Based World Order”.

He said that Prime Minister Imran Khan has taken the best position of not becoming anyone’s party in the China-US ‘Cold War’.

Referring to destruction in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and some other countries, he regretted that the United States and the West do not want any war in their own countries but use other regions, especially the Islamic countries, for wars and conflicts.

He highlighted that the US had never talked about human rights of women and children during its presence in Afghanistan, but it started worrying about it immediately after leaving the country.

To a question, Dr Arif Alvi said Pakistan can achieve progress and prosperity and emerge as a front-line state in the list of developed nations through enhanced development in Information Technology.

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