UoT achieves several successful targets



The University of Turbat’s (UoT) spokesperson has categorically rejected the unverified data recently released by an insignificant institute/website regarding the university rankings in Balochistan. In its ranking, the said institute/website has quoted data from Turbat University which was a few years old when it was a sub-campus of Balochistan University.
A clear example of this is the total enrollment of students and number of teaching departments of Turbat University mentioned in the rankings. Because in the ranking released by the said institute/website, the enrollment of students quoted as only two hundred and fifty while the number of academic departments shown only three. But at present, more than 3,000 students were studying in 23 programs of thirteen departments at main campus Turbat and its two Sub-Campuses at Gwadar and Panjgur, he added.—APP