UoE, Al-Mustafa int’l university sign Intent of Cooperation


Al-Mustafa International University, Iran on behalf of the President of the University Hujjat ul Islam Dr. Ali Abbasi and University of Education on behalf of Prof.

Dr. Talat Naseer Pasha (S. I.) Vice Chancellor of the has signed Intent of Cooperation.
In order to develop the boundaries of wisdom and knowledge and promote the level of cooperation in the educational, cultural, research fields and the optimal use of existing facilities to achieve common goals.

This Intent of Cooperation, hereinafter referred to as “al-Mustafa” and “Education University” based on the principle of mutual benefit and respect to the independence of the two parties.

The same has to make beneficial in Education, Research, Cultural, Communication and International Affairs, Financial and General Laws, for the University of Education, Lahore through Director Student Counseling Centre Dr. Muhammad Anwer.

Special efforts for this Intent of Cooperation have been made by Prof. Dr. Muhammad Shahbaz Manj, Chairman Department of Islamic Studies, University of Education, Lahore and Dr. Nadeem Abbas from Islamabad.