Punjab faces 332 fatalities, over 7000 serious injuries in road accidents


The most populous province of the country, Punjab witnessed a staggering number of accidents in February, resulting in 332 fatalities and over 7,000 serious injuries.

Talking to APP here on Monday an official of Rescue 1122 said that rescue services provided aid in 31,487,001 accidents across Punjab last month.

“Among the reported accidents, 7,016 individuals suffered severe injuries, and 332 people lost their lives” he added.

He said that the highest number of accidents occurred in Lahore, with a total of 7,193 incidents, followed by Faisalabad with 2,439 and Multan with 2,098 incidents. He said that of the 33,590 injured individuals, 27,278 were men, and 6,312 were women.

He highlighted that motorcycles were involved in 27,261 accidents, rickshaws in 2,294, and cars in 3,590 accidents.

In Lahore alone, he said that rescue services provided aid in 7,193 accidents, and 1,276 individuals suffered serious injuries, with 23 fatalities.

He said that emergency rescue services were provided to 6,112 men and 1,245 women involved in accidents in the provincial capital.

He suggested that capping the speed limit of bikes at 60 kilometers per hour could potentially reduce road traffic crashes in Punjab.

The official emphasized the need to promote electric bikes, which are not only environmentally friendly but also have lower speed limits.

The official stated that limiting the speed of bikes could help prevent accidents and save countless lives.

He also called on citizens to take precautions while driving and consider the importance of following traffic laws, wearing seat belts, and using helmets while riding motorcycles.