Untoo seeks Joe Biden’s attention to end Kashmiris’ woes


In Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir, Chairman of International Forum for Justice and Human Rights J&K, Muhammad Ahsan Untoo in a letter addressed to Joe Biden has informed the US President that the people of Jammu and Kashmir consider him as the only hope for mitigation of their sufferings.

Muhammad Ahsan Untoo wrote that for over three decades now, IIOJK has experienced an ugly cycle of repression followed by an explosion of violence in the form of unprecedented human rights violations in IIOJK.

“The Indian government with the help of its armed forces has been pushing the Kashmiri people to the wall denying them their rights and attempting to crush their desire for self-determination. Unabated human rights violations in every nook and corner have been the benchmark of Indian occupation in Kashmir where people see your highness and the Security Council as the only ray of hope.”

The letter further said since the outbreak of popular uprising against Delhi’s rule in Kashmir, hundreds and thousands of Indian troops camping in the territory, have been unleashing worst form of terror by carrying out grave massacres.—KMS

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