UN’s Bennett to complete Afghan Human Rights report by Sept


The UN Rapporteur for Afghanistan’s human rights situation, Richard Bennett, said his report on the country’s human rights situation will be completed by September.

Bennett was interviewed by TOLOnews’ Hamid Bahraam, Bennett said.

“I will be more specific about this when I make my official report. At this stage, I am going to say that I agree with those who feel that statements and words are not enough and there needs to be some action and some accountability for continued violations of human rights and women’s rights,” Bennett said.

The Rapporteur earlier paid an 11-day visit to Afghanistan to assess the human rights situation in the country.

He said that there are political and social consequences for sidelining women in Afghanistan.

“It is an issue about rights and about the participation of women fully in the society. So there are social consequences and political consequences to decide to sideline women in Afghanistan, as there would be in any country,” Bennett said.

Recently a gathering in the western province of Badghis called for the reopening of schools for female students in grade 6-12.

Following a request from religious scholars in Badghis to reopen girls’ schools above sixth grade, former president Hamid Karzai on Twitter called on the Islamic Emirate to respect the voice of the Afghan people and religious scholars and to reopen girls’ schools.

The girls’ schools beyond grade six have been closed for more than 270 days.

“We are concerned that our rights have been taken from us. This basic right is ensured in religion and in government,” said Sehat, a female student.

The UN Rapporteur earlier concluded an 11-day visit to Afghanistan. Bennet told TOLOnews that Afghan women must play a full role in society based on the international human rights standard.

“It is a tragedy that girls are missing almost one year of school at secondary level. This is an important generation. A generation that needs to be… so they can be the future of Afghanistan and women must play a full role in Afghan society, according to international human rights standards,” he said. —Tolonews

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