University of Home Economics gets water filtration plant


Inaugural ceremony of water filtration plant funded by Sarwar Foundation was held at University of Home Economics. Wife of Punjab Governor Begum Parveen Sarwar was the chief guest.
From other universities, University of Home Economics Vice Chancellor Doctor Kanwal Amin and registrar of the university Dr Rafia and lecturers of the university were present in the ceremony. Begum Parveen Sarwar said, “It is the core objective of Sarwar Foundation to provide potable water around the country as impure water causes more than 50% diseases.
She added, Sarwar Foundation is on track to install water filtration plants in different cities, villages, educational institutions and in hospitals in the country. Begum Sarwar admired university and the vision of VC towards success and development.
She added “Only mutual efforts and humanly principles can help us to progress for our next generation”. The VC and other attendees paid greetings to Begum Parveen Sarwar. On this occasion, VC Dr Kanwal Amin said, “We must ensure provision of clean environment and potable water as these are the basic human necessities”.
She further added, “Environmental changes have immensely threatened the survival of human beings. To frustrate these effects we must vow to tree plantation to save our next generation”. Teachers and students are facilitated to have pure water; she thanked Sarwar Foundation on installation of water filtration plant in university. Begum Parveen Sarwar and Doctor Kanwal Amin planted tree to initiate plantation campaign at the end of ceremony.

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