UNICEF not to celebrate World Children’s Day in soli-darity with Afghans


On the occasion of World Children’s Day, UNICEF Af-ghanistan has decided to close all its digital platforms on Sat-urday, in solidarity with Afghan children who are bearing the rapidly escalating humanitarian crisis in the country.

“In solidarity with the children of Afghanistan who are bearing the brunt of a rapidly escalating humanitarian crisis, this year, as UNICEF marks World Chil-dren’s Day (WCD) globally, UNICEF Afghanistan will not celebrate,” a United Nations In-ternational Children Emergency Fund (UNICEF) statement read.

November 20, marks the Inter-national Day of Children with several governments and or-ganizations celebrating the day. But, this year, UNICEF Afghanistan has said that this day will not be celebrated in Afghanistan.

“Today, UNICEF Afghanistan is ‘blackwashing’ its WCD online assets and, tomorrow, Novem-ber 20, the day on which UNI-CEF typically ‘goes blue’ for children, UNICEF Afghanistan will close its digital channels, going dark to reflect the chal-lenges that children in Afghani-stan are facing,” the statement has said.—Agencies

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