Nearly 3,000 drug addicts taken to hospitals in Kabul: Taliban


Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has announced that they have taken up to 2,718 drug addicts to the hospitals of Kabul where they will get treatment.

Spokesman of the Ministry of Interior Affairs Saeed Khostai in a series of tweets said that the addicts were collected from different areas of the Afghan capital.

Saeed Khostai further added that the addicts will be admitted to 14 treatment centers and 14 impatient hospitals in Kabul.

“The counter-narcotics department of the Ministry of Interior affairs have collected nearly three thousand addicts from Kabul city who will be taken to 28 treatment centers in the city.” Reads a tweet.

The spokesperson also said that a number of addicts have been discharged after getting proper treatment while others are still going through treatment.

It comes as the Taliban are making efforts to find ways for the betterment of the lives of thousands of addicts as winter approaches.

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