Under EHSAAS policy, BISP board approves ‘Bell Curve Concept’ for employee performance management


Senator Dr. Sania Nishtar chaired the 53rd meeting of the BISP board. The board approved ‘Bell Curve Concept’ for the performance management of employees.

The board also approved the national scaleup of Ehsaas Nashonuma programme
“Since the current PMS is not compatible with the modern PMS being used by progressive organizations, the board has approved new PMS Principles based on ‘Bell Curve Concept’, essential to leverage optimum performance from employees. Changes in PMS considered by the board will be applicable to regular and contractual employees.

The newly approved concept will be implemented by July 2022”, said Dr. Sania. Centered on the ‘Bell Curve Concept’, the new PMS will access the relative performance of employee based on goal setting sheets and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) developed for benchmark positions.

A new rating grid will be adopted, providing flexibility to recognize the employees who perform and deliver results beyond expectations and identifying those not measuring up.

It will link the employee performance to reward and compensation, training, career development and succession planning, and alignment with key BISP goals and objectives.

There are several issues in the current PMS system. The system lacks the ability to differentiate good performers from average or poor performers.