UNAMA says IEA’s announcement about receiving UN cash aid is “misleading



Reacting to the announcement by the Da Afghanistan Bank – Central Bank of Afghanistan – on Saturday of a delivery of $40 million, UNAMA said Sunday, the announcement is misleading.

UNAMA said in a tweet the announcements by organizations other than the United Nations regarding cash packages are “useless and misleading”.

The Da Afghanistan Bank said on Saturday that a package of 40 million dollars had arrived in Afghanistan and was deposited into a commercial bank.

After the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) banned women from working in non-governmental organizations, the delivery of aid money to Kabul was suspended for about a month.

A large number of aid organizations announced that they have stopped their activities due to the prohibition of women’s work in Afghanistan.

UNAMA says that the cash aid transferred to Afghanistan by the United Nations is kept in UN bank accounts at a private bank and that it is only used by the organization and its agencies for humanitarian aid to millions of Afghans.

The United Nations Political Bureau has emphasized that the most important reason for transferring cash to Afghanistan is the disruption in international bank transfers and liquidity issues from August 2021.

UNAMA previously said that since December 2021, approximately $1.8 billion in cash has been transferred to Afghanistan to carry out the activities of this organization and its partners.

The United Nations and aid organizations say that the IEA’s ban on women’s work is harming humanitarian aid to the people of Afghanistan. These organizations have continuously asked the IEA to cancel the ban on women’s work and education.

The IEA has however said that the bans are temporary.—Ariana news