UK and Japan lead the way in reducing smoking rates with less harmful alternatives



The global conversation around electronic nicotine delivery systems and other non-combustible products like nicotine pouches, heated tobacco products and e-cigarettes has been heated for several years now. While some have hailed these products as a less harmful alternative to cigarettes, others have raised concerns about their potential risks.

Less harmful alternatives, such as e-cigarettes, nicotine pouches and heated tobacco products, are designed to help adult smokers become independent from cigarettes, which pose several dangers. In fact, studies have shown that these alternatives are considerably less harmful than cigarettes.

Countries like the UK have embraced less harmful alternatives to cigarettes as a way to reduce the use of cigarettes. In the UK, these products have been credited with a significant reduction in smoking rates.

Similarly, Japan has seen a decline in smoking rates after the introduction of less harmful alternatives. These alternatives heat tobacco without burning it, producing an aerosol containing nicotine that presents less risk of harm than a burning cigarette’s smoke. The use of heated tobacco products has been credited with reducing the number of smokers in Japan, as many have switched to the alternative.

In conclusion, while concerns about emerging technology are understandable, it’s important to recognize the potential of less harmful alternatives like heated tobacco products and nicotine pouches for adult smokers looking to switch to alternatives.

Countries like the UK and Japan have seen success in reducing smoking rates through the use of less harmful products, setting the tone for others to follow in their footsteps.