Two robbers arrested



Iqbal Town police have arrested two members of a robbers’ gang. The arrested suspects were identified as Patras and Sajid. Police also recovered two pistols, bullets, LCDs and cash from their custody. The suspects were found involved in many robbery, dacoity, snatching, bike snatching/lifting bids.

In another incident, Gujjarpura police arrested two bike thieves. They were identified as Asif and Yasir. Police also recovered two stolen bikes, pistol and bullets from their custody. The accused persons were wanted in different bids.

SUICIDE: A 35-year-old man reportedly claimed his life by hanging himself in Sherakot on Wednesday. The victim identified as Umar was frustrated due to his poor financial conditions. He on the day of the incident in his home at Al Khayam Road locked himself a room and hanged himself. Police removed the body to morgue. On the other hand around 11 people died, whereas 992 were injured in 962 road traffic accidents in all 37 districts of Punjab during the last 24 hours.