Two muggers brutally thrashed by citizen



Citizens caught and tortured two alleged muggers in Karachi’s Orangi Town area.As law enforcement agencies (LEAs) failed to control the deteriorating street crime situation in the metropolis, citizens are now capturing muggers on their own.Citizens of Orangi town caught two alleged robbers and handed them over to the Mominabad police after subjecting them to torture.According to police officials, the alleged robbers were caught by the citizens during a mugging bid near Orangi Town mobile market.Moreover, the police arrived on the spot and arrested the accused. The suspected robbers were later shifted to a hospital for medical assistance.

In another mugging incident, a citizen was injured by the firing of the robbers for resisting the mugging bid on the Karimabad flyover. The injured citizen was shifted to the hospital for emergency medical assistance.

Earlier this week, two suspected robbers were arrested in injured condition by police following an alleged encounter near Karachi’s Bahadurabad area. According to details, the police arrested two robbers in injured condition after an exchange of fire near the Bahadurabad area of Karachi.In a statement, the police said a patrolling team signalled suspected robbers – who were travelling on a motorcycle – to stop. Police gave them a chase while returning the fire. In the end, they arrested two suspected muggers in injured condition.Illegal weapons, stolen mobile phones and a motorcycle were recovered from the possession of the arrested robbers, which were stolen and snatched from citizens.