Two muggers awarded 39 years in jail by ATC


An anti-terrorism court awarded a collective jail term of 39 years to two muggers on charges of armed robbery, encounter and possession of illicit arms.Muhammad Waseem and Mohsinullah were found guilty of looting three citizens at gunpoint, attacking police with unlicenced weapons and causing terrorism within the jurisdiction of the Gulshan-e-Iqbal police station on May 5, 2020.The ATC-V judge, who conducted the trial in the judicial complex inside the Karachi central prison, directed both the convicts to pay a cumulative fine of Rs105,000, and in case of default, they would have to undergo additional imprisonment of 13 months.

A third accused, Abdul Ghafoor, was handed down seven-year-imprisonment and a Rs20,000 penalty for harbouring the convicts.

The judge announced his verdict after recording evidence and final arguments from both defence and prosecution sides. He noted that ocular evidence supported medical evidence and the snatched property recovered from the possession of the accused on the spot was identified by the complainant to be belonging to him.

Besides, he added that an unlicenced pistol along with live bullets recovered from them was sent to a forensic science laboratory (FSL) for matching with empties and the result was declared positive, which connected the accused with the alleged crime.He said Ghafoor committed the offence of harbouring the accused with the intention of facilitating them in the commission of the offence. “The act of accused creates sense of fear.


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