P&G Pakistan renews pledge with STEMconnector to mentor 1000 women



P&G Pakistan today reaffirmed its pledge to mentor 1000 women under Million Women Mentors (MWM), a premier network and an initiative of STEMconnector, dedicated to encouraging girls and women around the world to pursue, persist, and succeed in STEM careers.

This renewed collaboration of P&G Pakistan with MWM program is aimed at encouraging women across Pakistan to pursue career goals and leadership opportunities under the mentorship of senior leaders of P&G.

During the pilot, P&G Pakistan exceeded its target to mentor 500 women from professional circles to benefit from better projects, access to leadership, advocacy at higher levels, and mutual support.

Adil Farhat, CEO P&G Pakistan, appreciating the initiative said, “This is something close to my heart and I strongly believe that with confidence and ambition, something women are too often discouraged from when we’re young, mentors can help reignite that fire and push women to achieve more than we’ve been told they’re destined for.

Being a strong advocate of equality, P&G aims to enable women to work confidently and become an equal part of the industry through MWM program. We are aligned on taking many more of such initiatives in the future that will result in an equitable society for all.”

In the recent years, P&G has bagged the title of Champion at the OICCI Women Empowerment Awards for two consecutive years.

With its global initiative #WeSeeEqual, P&G aspires to build a world of equal voice and equal opportunities regardless of gender. The #WeSeeEqual program demonstrates P&G’s continued commitment to create a more equal world.


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