Two house servants held over murder of Abid’s daughter


A progress was made on Sunday in the murder case of Seth Abid’s daughter Farah, who was shot dead on Saturday at her house in Muslim Town by her adopted son Fahad, as the police arrested two house servants namely Razia and Ramazan for their alleged involvement in the crime.

According to police, accused Fahad with the help of Razia attempted to destroy the evidence from the crime scene.

“Razia is a divorced woman, and she is the mother of a daughter. She had an affair with Fahad,” police said.

“Razia and Fahad were in the same room when the police arrived.

Razia, along with Fahad, removed the shell of the bullet that killed Farah,” they added.

“It was Razia who told the police that the accused wanted to marry the girl of her choice,” police claimed further and also recovered the murder weapon on her identification.

Razia along with accused Fahad buried two pistols in the ground and concealed another in the kitchen.