Two heatwaves expected during Ramzan:expert


A renowned meteorologist Jawad Memon has forecast two heatwaves in the holy month of Ramazan.

Memon, while speaking on a private TV Channel, he said that a high-pressure system from Oman will be the cause for the hot weather.

“A moderate to strong system is may take the weather up to 43 degrees,” he said. “The conditions are generally warm in Karachi in the months of April and May.”It will be warmer as the weather system gets closer to Pakistan.

The northern winds will turn the weather hot and dry, he said. “There are few chances of showers in Karachi as the system will linger around the Arabian Sea and Gujarat region.”

He said that the situation is unusual as summer began harshly.“The mercury went to 39 to 40 degrees a few days ago and the temperature last night was 25.5 degrees.

This shows that the nights are becoming warm. This is a clear indication that the city is undergoing a heatwave,” Memon added.

He went on to say that the peak of the heatwave will be from April 1 till April 3 and there will be intense heat in several parts of the city.

The meteorologist added that the increase in Arabian Sea level about one to one-and-a-half per cent, played a key role in the intensity of rainfall in the previous monsoon season in Karachi.

The meteorologist added that most areas of Punjab are hot and dry but its northern regions will be comfortable.

He added that there is a chance of light rainfall in Islamabad.