KMC doubles its workforce for major drains cleaning


The Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) has increased the number of anti-encroachment teams on Gujjar and Orangi nullahs in Karachi. It aims to accelerate the removal of encroachments from the stormwater drains.

A total of twelve KMC teams are working on both the drains. Six teams are working on three different locations along the Gujjar nullah.

These locations are Chuna Depot near Liaquatabad no 4, Shafiq Mor to Bangali Para and LandiKotal.

Six KMC teams are working along the Orangi nullah near Chaman Cinema, Safaid Chowk and Pak Colony.

The KMC has beefed up the anti-encroachment teams to speedily remove encroachments from stormwater drains, Senior KMC Director Bashir Siddiqui has said.


“We have doubled the anti-encroachment teams on Gujjar and Orangi nullahs,” he said. “There were six teams working on both the drains but now there are 12 teams.”


The KMC has also been marking encroachments along the Gulistan-e-Zafar nullah. It is located behind Masjid-e-Roomi in Pakistan Employees Cooperative Housing Society.


The marking of unauthorized portions of bungalows on Gulistan-e-Zafar nullah has been continued for a couple of days.

Nearly 30 bungalows in Gulistan-e-Zafar have additional portions on the stormwater drain, according to Siddiqui.

These encroachments block the flow of rainwater, which accumulates on Sharae Faisal.


The KMC has issued notices to the bungalow owners, the official said. They have constructed garages, servant quarters and kitchens on the stormwater drain, he explained.


KMC Katchi Abadi Senior Director Mazhar Khan said the process of marking these encroached portions of bungalows has been continued.

The authorities want to clear 20-feet space on both sides of Gulistan-e-Zafar nullah, he said. “The KMC has completed its survey in this regard,” Khan added.