Two decades after Kargil


Let us talk about safety

I started wondering where our world was heading for the moment. I heard the sad news of a Pakistani military plane crash. This deadly air crash is unfortunate. As always, I being part of the [my] family that once met with a road accident with no casualty in Tuticorin will be able to understand and gauge the impact/aftermath of an accident.
Safety comes first as having been quoted by everyone. Technologically strong as the world is, there have been so many air accidents worldwide to date. After all, the international community has been seriously dependent on manpower more than technology. Human beings have been the real and robust power machines, for a longer span of time having been working hard on various fronts.
When it comes to safety, it is also about human psychology. For instance, small steps like recreational activities, family bond, goodwill gestures and tender care will have positive and great impact on the human space. I remember people and my relatives exchanging a lot of pleasantries like talk and smile in a profound manner while travelling/during send-off in my native areas like Tuticorin, Korkai, Tiruchendur, Tirunelveli, Kanyakumari, Marthandam and Nagercoil in Tamil Nadu.
Maharashtra, India

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