Two children die of COVID-19 in Lahore


Two children lost their lives to novel coronavirus pandemic in Lahore amid alarming rate of infections among the children during third wave of the pandemic.

The deceased were admitted to Children Hospital while 18 more are being treated at the medical facility for the virus.

One of the victims, who was 11-year-old, was under cardiac treatment when he contracted the infection that caused her death while the other died of fever after tested positive for COVID-19.

An official of the hospital told to a private media outlet that the facility registered seven new cases of children in last 24 hours.

Pakistan has launched a campaign to administer vaccine against novel coronavirus to frontline health workers, people aged above 60 and 50.

Currently, no coronavirus vaccine has been declared effective for children in the country.

Health experts are concerned about the accelerated dissemination of coronavirus among children during the third phase of the pandemic.

Children have a lower mortality risk than adults, according to health authorities, but since they may be possible vectors of the infection, they have been a significant source of epidemic transmission.

In Islamabad, a total of 5,726 children have been infected with the coronavirus.

During this period, doctors note, there are reports of lung infection in children who are exhibiting signs of the virus.

The number of children impacted between the ages of 11 and 20 has risen to 5,343, according to the Islamabad District Health Department.

According to government data, Pakistan registered the highest single-day toll since June 30 with 4,974 new COVID-19 cases in the last 24 hours.

As the third wave of the coronavirus intensifies, the country has confirmed 98 more fatalities, bringing the total number of deaths to 14,530.

As of today, the positivity rate for coronavirus cases is 9.92 percent, with a total number of cases in the world of 672,931.

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