Twitter suspending users for leveraging the ‘forbidden’ term


According to BleepingComputer, a glitch in Twitter’s flagging algorithm momentarily suspended users when they tweeted the phrase “Memphis”. Apparently, tweeting the term resulted in the suspension of scores of accounts. Several people posted screenshots of themselves being banned, claiming that tweeting the term was causing issues.

The bug arose yesterday after people constantly tweeted about the city of Tennessee and its sports team. It was picked that since people tweeted the term “Memphis,” the users’ profiles were removed for 12 hours.

While some believed that the error had been eliminated but when the BleepingComputer tweeted the forbidden term, it resulted in their account becoming suspended immediately. Experts agreed that a misconfigured anti-spam, anti-bot, or anti-fraud filter was to blame for the issue.

However, the problem has since been fixed, but Twitter has given no clarification yet. Twitter confirmed earlier today that it had patched the error, but did not explain what triggered it. When contacted by BleepingComputer, a Twitter representative simply said, “The problem in question was caused by a bug and has since been fixed.” No further explanations were given.

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